Dungeon Siege II
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Find the game a little too easy? This mod helps in toning down the exp you get from the mobs based on level difference making the game hard in turn.

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Tough Time Leveling

  •  if party members are 4 levels below hero they are instantly boosted to hero level -2
  •  killing higher level monsters yeilds more exp 
  •  low level monster exp changed from 4 levels to 6 levels (now monsters wont turn green and give less exp unless they are 6 levels lower than u)
  •  the more members in your party the less experience u will get (now u get fixed experience which will be shared among party members) 

Brutal Version 

  •  killing higher level monsters yeilds more exp, But Higher Level Is Increased From 4 To 6, So Unless U Kill Monster Higher Than 6+ Levels U Wont Get The Exp Bonus
  •  low level monster exp changed from 4 levels to 2 levels (now monsters will turn green when they are just 2 levels lower than u)

Brutal + 

  •  If Party members Is Less Than 1 Level, Instantly Boosts Their Level To Hero Level .

NOTE - This mod will go well with my other mods. Try them all.

Note - Mods Should be, will be and shall be free for ever. I do not accept donations, this is not why we oldschool people used to mod. We mod the game for the love of it and that's how i like to keep things. A simple thanks is more than enough to make us content and satisfied. Just knowing that a person is enjoying our work will make us happy.