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The original Dungeon Siege 1 maps remastered as a mod for Dungeon Siege 2 so that they can be played in conjunction with the sequel's campaign. Expanded with all the features from Dungeon Siege 2, the mod also fully supports being played with the expansion pack, Broken World. With the MLA Mod, all maps can be played through with the same party.

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The Dungeon Siege 2 Legendary Mod enables playing the original Dungeon Siege 1 maps in Dungeon Siege 2 as a fully featured mod. This allows the player to enjoy the original maps together with the Dungeon Siege 2 campaign and even with the Broken World expansion, if its installed, as its automatically supported in the mod.

This allows the original Dungeon Siege 1 maps to support all the features of Dungeon Siege 2, including improved graphics and view distances, something that wouldn't be possible in a mere port or remastered original game. In addition the Monster Level Adjustment Mod makes it possible to play the maps in any order and still receive a proper challenge commensurate with the player's performance.  

The three  original maps, Kingdom of Ehb, Legends of Aranna and a special singleplayer version of the Utraean Peninsula are available as well as the two DLC maps, Yesterhaven and Return to Arhok together with an user created map to provide around 70 hours of additional gameplay for Dungeon Siege 2.

All maps have been remade with upgraded graphics, full support for all of the new features of the sequel such as expanded pets and companions, expanded stores with enchanting, reagents, skill trainers, necromancers and more, improved journal supports with expanded quests, lorebooks, bestiary and journal maps and monsters enhanced with features from Dungeon Siege 2 such as resistances, curses and much more.

Teleporters and quest arrows make getting around the maps easier than in the originals and the mini radar is supported in every map. The story in each map is also supported by in-game sequences and party banters. 

The mod is distributed as a simple setup program which needs to be installed to the Dungeon Siege 2 folder, even if the Broken World expansion pack is present. Its best to make backups of any especially important saved games before the mod is installed so they can be retrieved if the mod is uninstalled later or you plan on using some of the provided mini-mods. This is due to the hard coded CRC check which Gas Powered Games imposed on saved games to prevent issues with multiplayer. This is why using mods with Dungeon Siege 2 can be so difficult.  

For convenience, three versions of a launcher (Elys' All*Saves) is provided in the installer so that the user can select the version appropriate to whatever version of Dungeon Siege 2 they have (Retail boxed, Steam or Broken World expansion). These launchers circumvent the CRC check on saved games so that mods can be freely used. 

The monster level adjustment mod automatically levels up the monsters and loot in each map towards the player's level. So its no longer necessary to be limited by the map's preconfigured level when playing and you can play the maps in any order whatsoever. The monster's levels will vary more the higher the player's level gets and will be effected by how thorough the player is in playing the map. Skip too many fights and the monster's levels will gradually become higher than the player's while if the player is very meticulous in clearing each region before continuing, the monster's levels will start becoming lower than the player's.

Information has been provided in the mod's manual to help in playing Dungeon Siege 2 under the latest version of Windows 10 and there's several ways of configuring the mod to your playing preference, including using some of the included mini-mods and mod manager to change the difficulty level or even unlock additional map modes.

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Plus anyone who Imay have inadvertently forgotten. This mod wouldn't have been possible without your input and support.