Dungeon Siege II
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Adds 15 new game Host options to the local multiplayer lobby Host options.

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This mod add 15 new playable game host modes to the Dungeon Siege II Multiplayer Host Game options, greatly increasing the amount of modes available as there was only 3 made available by default in the vanilla game, giving you a lot more customization on the play-through you are going for than ever before.


  • Old School Mode
  • Sextuplets Mode Couples
  • Classic Mode Triplets
  • Classic Mode
  • Triplets Mode Quadruplets
  • Triplets Mode
  • Couples Mode
  • 3 Player Mode
  • Party Mode Sextuplets
  • Party Mode Quintuplets
  • Party Mode  Quadruplets
  • Party Mode Triplets
  • Party Mode Doublets
  • 2 Player Mode
  • Loner Mode

-Me for locating this mod in my old mod folder from the early 2000's
-Main credit goes to the original author, who I am unsure of the identity of at this point (this mod is very very old so if anyone knows who made this please let me know so I can credit them here!)