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Most skills in dungeon siege: broken world received a nerf or change their progression. This mod reverses that, so skill trees look mostly the way they did in vanilla, but with BW abilities.

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I got annoyed that in broken world most skills got nerfed so I created a mod that make skills work the way they did in vanilla.
Didn't bother with detailed skill description, you can expect skill scaling the way it was in vanilla until skill level 20, from 20 to 30 I made it so they roughly become what they were supposed to in vanilla. The skills that got nerfed in BW now are significantly stronger (but ~ the way they were in vanilla)
This mod only affects passive skills, so if active skills got changed - I left them unchanged.

Requirements: dungeon siege with the broken world expansion
Installation: go to broken world root directory\Resources, create a backup of xLogic.ds2res, then replace it with this one.
Chances are this won't function in-game so you may need to uninstall the game, delete everything (including game folder in my documents), then install the game and put the modified xLogic file in DS2 BW Root\Resources