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It is an enhanced version of the Utraean Peninsula "Stones of Utrae" multiplayer only map which makes the map playable in singleplayer as well as multiplayer and adds new monsters , set items, 30 new quests, 20 recruitable characters (including goblins, elves, dwarves, half-giants, naja, skeletons and gargoyles) and much more.

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I. Requirements
Dungeon Siege Lengends of Aranna Expansion Pack (version 1.5)

II. Introduction
Legends of Utrae is a modification of the Utraean Peninsula "Stones of Utrae" map forDungeon Siege (TM) by Gas Powered Games.

It is playable in both singleplayer and multiplayer and includes many features from the
Legends of Aranna expansion pack by Mad Doc Software (TM) as well as third party additions
from a number of talented mod authors & some original & modified enhancements.



Legends of Utrae v3.0 Features
- Around 350 varieties of monsters to fight with the addition of 60 odd species of monsters from the expansion pack added ( over 120 individual types ) Over 70 new, unused or modified monster varieties
- 80 set items from the expansion pack
- 10 new NIS sequences (Non Interactive Movie Sequences)
- Over 30 new quests neatly arranged into 8 chapters* See known issues about certain potential problems with the new quests

- 20 recruitable characters (with new custom made portraits) in singleplayer including goblins, elves, dwarves, half-giants, snake women, skeletons & gargoyles.These can be starting characters too with the included character module now come with personal histories
* See known issues about certain restrictions with the Goblin

- Walking townsfolk (towns are no longer deserted ghost haunts)
- Characters will exhibit traits in singleplayer such as passive healing (just place healingspells in second active spell slot and characters will automatically use them if they're
not busy), improved vision for the archers and accelerated mana regeneration for mages (this
is necessary as the map is a bit harder than the normal MpWorld)
* Note that these traits don't apply to your starting hero, who'll you be able to use in
normal mp games without problems. You possibly can still use the other characters but
depending on the situation you may lose their traits, their portraits and even the character
models may change
* Note if you use the optional starting module, this must be present at all times & all
players will require it being present in Mp games.

- 8 recruitable pack animals (mules & tragg) in both Sp and Mp
- Some changes to the plot and actual end of game bosses to fight
- Great Northern Forest is now integral to the plot and is a high level area (lvl 50)
- Over 40 lore books added to explain the history of the Peninsula and it's inhabitants
- Full Multiplayer support with some changes in monster populations between map modes toreflect the fluctuations caused by the arrival of the new species and the hidden secrets
of the ancient Utraeans (ie, you won't be fighting Krug near Elddim all the time in Mp)
*Note that there will be restrictions on this as the map shows up as a mod on servers so
you may find it highlighted in red, if you can find it at all

- Pit of Despair is now inhabited and has ambient lightning- Eastern Island is now inhabited. Level 50 recommended in Sp/Regular

- Loot dropping in Pit of Despair & Eastern Island reflect their inhabitant's difficulty
- Chests added to Pit of Despair to reward players willing to explore it(note that to access the better treasure, the Pit's secrets must be solved!)

- All items necessary to access the Chicken Level can now be found in the campaign(the new storekeepers sell the knife in Mp, the other items must be earned)

- Between 20-30 hours gameplay on Normal Difficulty in the Singleplayer Campaign
- Supports an additional 40-60 hours play in the extended Singleplayer Campaign. Even importyour mp characters into the extended Singleplayer Campaign. Please consult the included
documentation on how to use this feature (the Dungeon Siege Toolkit v1.5 or higher required
for this feature).

- 8 new merchants added that sell rings, amulets and backpacks- Improved optimizations & custom moods for better performance & visability over the
original MpWorld map

- Fixes some broken monsters in veteran & elite that depend on magic (for some bizarrereason their templates refer to ranged skills instead of combat magic, so therefore
they are unable to damage the player. Some examples are frostnid spiders & spiked maws)

- An additional mp start point added in close proximity to an important part of the map
- Camera adjusted so visibility is improved (but distance is the same)

- Co-exists with your existing Multiplayer World map and ElysMPWorld
- Most Mods that are already DSLOA compatible should work
- Easily installed- Will not interfere with Normal Dungeon Siege Games

Legends of Utrae v3.1 Update

- Should guarantee compatibility with all future versions of the Dark_Light_Elf mod
- Better compatibility with mods that alter heroes.gas
- Fixes corpses not showing up on Eastern Island
- Improved included characters starting mod
- Should be fully compatible with version 3.0

Legends of Utrae v3.2 Update

- Fixes an exception error in Fallraen that can appear in Veteran or Elite Modes.Singleplayer & Regular are uneffected

- Some Grammar fixes (thanks Mark32)
- NIS & Moods improved in extended mode mods, which are now included in distribution package(the ones from v2.0 were originally included in v3.0/3.1 and so didn't work)

- Should be fully compatible with version 3.0/3.1

III. Included files

-LegendsofUtrae.dsres Main required file 114 MB (120,064,712 bytes)
-Extras Folder
+ Spelite Bonus sp elite mode 494 kb ( 506,617 bytes)
+ Spveteran Bonus sp veteran mode 495 kb ( 507,813 bytes)
+ Loucharacters.dsres Bonus starting characters 23 kb ( 23,677 bytes)-Docs Folder
+ Extended Mode.txt Readme for bonus mode mods (Spelite & Spveteran)

+ Loucharacters.txt Readme for loucharacters.dsres
+ Readme.txt This file
+ Readme.html Html version of this file
+ Quest.txt List of all quests
+ Set Item Locations.txt
List of all set items & general location