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From SiegeNetwork.com:

Unlimited Summons removes the one creature per character control limit; Unlimited Summons Plus does the above as well as removing the summons’ timers; the timer will still show, but once it reaches zero it (the timer) just disappears.

Permissions and credits

The Original Author is MercuryPenguin at logbasetenofx.cjb.net

I am undertaking a project to upload and preserve any and all Dungeon Siege resources that are difficult/impossible to find on the web as old Dungeon Siege websites have gone down. I have been retrieving as much information about these mods as I possibly can from The Wayback Machine and other archived forum sites.

In most cases it is impossible to contact the original author. I will make every attempt to do so in cases where an email is visible. However, if you are the original author and do not wish to have your content on NexusMods, please let me know and I will have this removed!


From the author's readme.txt file (included in the download).


Unlimited Summons

Removes the one summon per character limit and optionally makes summons have unlimited duration.

This zip contains two mods:

Installation Instructions:
Copy UnlimitedSummons.dsres into your resources folder if you wish to only remove the 1 summon per character limit.  Alternately, copy ULSummonsPlus.dsres into your resources folder if you want to have unlimited summons with unlimited durations.

It appears to be pretty stable.  Your framerate may drop if you have a large number of summons.  This mod has not been tested in multiplayer.

Per the original author: You may distribute and/or change this mod as you see fit as long as you give MercuryPenguin credit.

Notes from Ymerejliaf
In my own testing, this mod is compatible with the Legends of Aranna expansion pack.
That said, it can conflict with other mods, so you will need to test it with any other mods you may have installed.

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