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I was disappointed with the difficulty of the original game so I increased it to personal preference. After being happy with my work I decided to upload it here.

Permissions and credits
Dungeon Siege Difficulty Overhaul (DSDO)

 -- Description --

DSDO is my effort to put the oomph back into this excellent action rpg by gas powered games or gpg for short. For those who want to know... THIS IS A  DIFFICULTY MOD. If you are not careful you WILL die in this mod. This mod is recommended for expert strategists and tacticians of rpgs or those at least  good at crowd control. You WILL have to use strategy and tactics now so no cheesing the game... Remember to recruit others to join you on your adventure.  They will be CRITICAL to your survival in this mod. But do not be discouraged. If you find an area that's too difficult for you just come back to it later when your more powerful. This mod was made with myro's mod in mind because the krug are suppose to be fearless brutes that loot and burn everything they see so it didn't make sense for the krug to just die in one hit from a dull knife...

 -- Features --

 All monster health and xp has been multiplied by 8.
 The difficulties have been revised to make the game harder going from:
  • EASY: You and the monsters both do 100% damage
  • NORMAL: You do 100% and Monsters do 200%
  • HARD: You do 100% and Monsters do 400%

 -- Installation --

There are two separate main versions. One for the original patched 1.11 version and the other for legends of aranna.
 To install one for: 
Dungeon Siege Original - Just put the dsres file in the resources folder.
Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna - Put the loa patched version in the loa folder
If using the revived mods just put the dsres files in the appropriate folder. Just be sure to not load the main game version in with loa or you'll get a weird  difficulty glitch.

 -- Disclaimer --

My mod ONLY uses assets from the base game and the expansion pack. Both are under copyright protection by LAW and fair usage rights of  distribution by Square Enix. Dungeon Siege is now owned by Square Enix which own the rights to the entire franchise.

 -- Credits --

 All credit goes to the following:
Gas Powered Games for the original
Mad Doc Software for the Expansion
Square Enix for saving the franchise
2k Interactive for Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World.
 All Rights and Permissions of the original content go to their respective authors I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING.

-- Changelog --


  • Removed the ai ability to flee when their health gets too low as it was annoying the heck out of me. (It probably annoyed the heck out of some other players as well)
  • Rebalanced the difficulty settings (As monsters with thousands of health took a hell of a long time to kill)


  • Improved the ai a LOT cause the game was too easy in some areas.


  • Expanded the level cap to 1500

  • The formulas.gas file for version 1.11 was used for the loa version. This is now fixed.
  • Forgot to include a version for 1.11. This is now fixed.
  • All monsters from legends of aranna have been updated


  • Removed the UI edits altogether. As it was conflicting with the UI edits from the revived mod.
  • Merged the difficulty addon with the main file. The game is now MUCH harder.

-- The Future of DSDO --
If anyone would like to request their mod be add with mine or would like to use my mod as a basis to make something better then please just ask! I don't mind at all. Just be sure to give me credit for my baseline work. Yes I said baseline as new versions will include:

 - An increased level cap
 - Increased monster damage using the templates
 - Better Artificial Intelligence
 - UI Changes to make it compatible with other mods.

Yes as I said if anyone would like to include their work in my mod or would like to use it them selves then please just SAY SO. If you don't then just tell me. Remember that communication is key. I will have to credit others if some modders allowed their mods to be used without their say so. Some are not so forgiving or understanding due to how the world is now a days.