Dungeon Siege 1
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Ivann Alvarado Amanda Hartin

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This AI was created to provide a more challenging experience for the player by making monsters more intelligent in battle tactics (sorry guys, no more cheap tactics like creeping up on packs of monsters in order to lure them away one by one ;) )

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More specifically this is what this siegelet adds to monster's AI:
- Monsters will try to run away from a battle when their health is < 30% AND they are being attacked. 
- Monsters will run away when wounded but come back when not in danger anymore.
- Monster flee further.
- Monsters will protect each other.
- Monsters understand the basic idea that you go for a Magic caster first then others.  This means that they will *USUALLY* have targetting preferences.
- Monsters alert other monsters around them when they spot an enemy (no more cheap tactics).
- Monsters will pursue you much longer when you are running away.
- Monsters will engage you in battle from a longer distance.
- Monsters are more aware of their suroundings (scan their environment more often).
- Monsters can see further.
- Monsters will remember for a longer where you went when you dissapeared out of their sight.
- Monsters are less limited in their movement range.    
- Monsters now autoregenerate life and mana just as your characters do.
- Monsters may try to use potions if they have them (about 25% of the time).
- Other minor tweaks.