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Companion Mod for Super Lightsaber mod

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Another mod I found in the dredges of the internet, by (DN) Umbrella Corp that is star wars themed, This adds various ranged weapons, The readme copy is below.

Bounty Hunter 1.0 by (DN) Umbrella Corp.

This mod is intended for more experienced players, or players over level 50. It adds many new ranged weapons to the mix. Such as Blaster Rifles (blue), Blast Cannons, Tusken Sniper Rifles, Corellian Flamethrowers, Amped Thermal Detonators, and Plasma Cannons aka The nuke. The rings are status and % based, meaning they level as you do. combinations of these rings and guns and items from the lightsaber series can really boost your stats. So be wise as you equip them.

This is one of my older mods that never quite made it out to the public, mainly because of a lack of innovations. However I have tweaked it a bit and added some new effects to the weapons and a new Plasma Cannon "Big Boom" that was suggested by Darth Don. the Downside is that the Hunter's Gear (missing file that is in lightsaber Gold) and proximity mines (not enough time) did not make it, but they will be added to the Skin Pack.

To install unzip bountyhunter.dsres to your Dungeon Siege resource folder (usually located at
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Dungeon Siege\Resources")

All items can be found at the Fallraen blacksmith

If you have any questions Please e-mail me at [email protected]
May the force me with you