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Greatly increases inventory size to 25x16 slots (requires 1024x768 resolution minimum) and increases gold capacity to a little over 2 billion.

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Inventory and Gold Maximizer
By Bif the Mildy Timid / aka Arodicus Snaux

(With many thanks to Nexus for opening their site to support all games. Dungeon Siege and Neverwinter saved my life while going through chemotherapy, and are still great games, even a decade later... download DS from Steam and relive some memories, people!)

Once upon a time there was a gameshow host named Monty Hall, who had a penchant for giving away tons of (mostly useless) prizes. This little hack is dedicated to that Man, the Myth, and the Merchandise. Never leave a stone unturned and never leave a bit of treasure again. Unless you want what's behind curtain #3...

Monty Haul Jacks up your inventory to the absolute maximum allowed in the game, roughly 8 times the original carrying capacity of the puny mortal you began with, and about 3 times the capacity of the noble mule. Haul it all away, and still have room to spare!

Purists will no doubt poo-poo the utter lack of realism, poor game balance, taste or whatever else has their panties in a bind. Fuck'em. Goodies rock!


1) Inventory increases from 13x4 to a whopping 25x16 spaces. You MUST be in 1024x768 mode or greater to be able to use this! Unlike several other inventory mods, this one takes into account your spellbook AND stores, so you can actually SELL all the crap you have collected! This part of the code is pretty solid and even works in multiplayer.

2) It goes without saying that Gold, of course, is expanded to a little over 2 billion. 2147483647 gps, to be exact. You literally can't have any more gold than this in the game due to internal code limits. One more penny and it goes negative!

Resourceful characters will know they can always leave a few billion bucks hidden in some dark corner of the world, if 2 billion's not enough for ya. And those blessed with True Avarice also know you can juggle amazing large sums by picking up a pile, running a little ways, dropping it, then going back for the rest. Sigh.


In multiplayer only, "collect All" will sometimes think inventory is full, even if the inventory is relatively empty. This seems to happen when all slots of the original 13x4 matrix are full.

Workaround is to pick up items individually, or move a few of the larger inventory items manually out of the upper left corner, freeing up a few spaces. Collect All will then work.


New From 0.9 Version:

1) Removed the experimental spellbook hack. Still needs work :)

2) Fixed MultiPlayer "Trade Screen" bug... I think. Gather ye goodies while ye may...

3) Fixed Max Gold goes negative bug when loot exceeds 2 trillion. The +ChecksInTheMail cheat also works now, giving you all 2 trillion in gold. What did I say about those who complain about game balance? Oh yeah...


Drop it in your Resources folder. If it doesn't work, you have a conflict with another inventory-expanding utility, probably one that has a later build date since that what it seems to go by.

- Arod