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Speeds up the ATB in combat

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This mod speeds up the rate at which the ATB Bar fills for all participants in combat.

How to install:
  1. Locate the installation directory. On Steam, it's done by right-clicking on the game, selecting "Manage" and then clicking on "Browse local files".
  2. Then go to: "...\Dungeon Dreams\www\js\plugins\"
  3. Move the original "YEP_X_BattleSysATB.js" file from this directory somewhere safe or rename it.
  4. Put the "YEP_X_BattleSysATB.js" from the archive at the place of the original.

How to uninstall:
  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 from the installation process above.
  2. Delete "YEP_X_BattleSysATB.js" and move the backup back into place. Alternatively, you can redownload the fresh original file(s) from Steam: right click on the game -> properties -> local files -> verify integrity of the game cache.

Known issues:
Not compatible with other mods that edit "YEP_X_BattleSysATB.js".

The next game update will most likely overwrite this file, returning the game to vanilla state. In this case, you can try and reinstall the mod, but if the new build changed the original files, there may be crashes and some other weirdness. If that happens, message me and I will roll out an update.