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A 3d desert themed dungeon tileset for Dungeon Builder

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This is the Kenney Isometric Dungeon Tiles set, modified and defined for Dungeon Builder.

Unzip and copy the Art and Art Definitions folders into your Dungeon Builder/Custom folder.

This set work different than the default art set. Instead of lying directly on top of the grid lines, the Kenney walls sit on either side of the grid line. As such, there are actually 4 versions of every single tile and decoration: N, E, S, and W. Once you pick a direction for North (by pressing 'R') you should never mirror the tiles again. Instead, you should pick the correct tile for the correct direction.

  1. Spiral stairs don't work at all. The default ones are in there but don't connect to anything. I included edited versions that almost line up.
  2. Regular stairs are weird. The Kenney stairs are around half as tall as the default Dungeon Builder stairs, so there are actually two versions of each stair: a normal one and a (Higher) one. Combining the two gives a staircase that roughly aligns to the Dungeon Builder grid.
  1. Floors (though some don't fit together perfectly)
  2. Walls (as long as you follow the advice in How To Use, above)
  3. Decorations (the scale is maybe a little off - it's hard to say)

I have some plans for a V2. If you have any problems with this set you can report them here, or on github.