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A Wolfenstein themed total conversion pack I made for Duke Nukem: Atomic Edition all the way back in the early 90s.

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This is an ancient total conversion pack I made for vanilla Duke Nukem: Atomic Edition all the way back in the late 1990's (Around 1997-1998). It replaces the enemy roster with roughly 40 Wolfenstein themed enemies. Also adds a large number of textures and some modifications to the weapons/items. Works with modern EDuke, though you'll get a bunch of warnings in the boot up log.


- About 40 fully functional Wolfenstein themed enemies.
- Used a manual palette conversion process, making shades of red/blue convert almost losslessly. (As compared to auto palette conversion which results in massive shading loss due to how different the shades of red/blue are between the game.
- A large selection of Wolfenstein textures.
- I'm releasing this as a public domain resource pack so you are free to make any content/modifications built off it you please.
- While built on vanilla Atomic Edition I tweaked it to run on modern EDuke as well (I recommend this method actually).


- Due to being created before EDuke was an option all the vanilla Duke Nukem monsters were removed to free up more scripting (vanilla Atomic Edition had a hard cap on how much CON file scripting you were allowed to add).
- The custom weapons are a bit functionally odd due to the some limitations of vanilla Atomic Edition. Some enemy AI isn't 100% accurate to Wolfenstein for similar reasons.
- This pack is a bit of a mess, due to me making it when I was a teenager.
- Only a few custom stages available with this package. Its more of a resource kit than anything else.


- Its recommended you use EDuke, but you can use vanilla Atomic Edition. Make an alternate copy of the game and simply dump the contents of my zip into that folder.
- For EDuke users you can put my files in a separate folder, then enable the mod by selecting that folder with the "Custom Content Game Directory" option in EDuke's bootup menu.