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Removes the Dragonsplague system from your game.

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This mod removes the Dragonsplague system from your game by preventing it from spreading and preventing a possessed pawn from going homicidal.

How It Works

Whenever there's a possessed pawn in your party, a couple of things happen every time you rest:

  • The system checks if the pawn should transform and start murdering NPCs (possession level 10).
  • The system selects another pawn in the party and transfers possession over to that pawn, but with a different level value (looks like plus or minus 3, max 10, min 0). The possession fails if the lowered value ends up being 0. This effectively makes the possession disappear.

This mod works by overriding the should I murder everyone check and tells it no, that's not cool, even if it does help performance. Additionally, when the possession attempts to transfer, it makes sure it always fails, ending the possession on the original pawn and preventing a new possession.

Safe Online

It should be safe to use online because it's using the existing systems with outcomes that are already possible in that system. Because of that, it should be difficult for a server to see the difference between this mod and normal game behavior.

However, this is not guaranteed. Your mileage may vary.


You can install manually by extracting and copying this mod and REFramework into the game install directory. If you're not sure how, I would recommend grabbing Fluffy Mod Manager and just dragging everything onto it to install - no need to extract with Fluffy.


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