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I wasn't satisfied with having to mess with pak files in order to transmogify my armor, So I made this.

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I created a Patreon so I could found a New computer, if this mod helped you and you would like to see more, please subscribe: patreon.com/dogma2mods
Ps: I'll never gatekeep content, so only help if you truly want.

I wasn't satisfied with having to mess with pak files in order to transmogify my armor, So I made this. Right now it's only available for armors, I'll be looking into weapons once I'm satisfied with this.

Look for your armor name ID, I've created this cool list pastebin.com/W82yAKYr, open ReFramework(Insert)>Script Generated UI>True Transmog. You have 10 source and target slots to mess about, you need to change the Source for it to work, if you leave the target at the default value(0) It'll hide the armor piece(Many people asked for a hide cape, now you have it). Select a Source and a destination(the pastebin list is your friend) and click "Apply Transmog". Now Unequip and equip the armor again to take effect.

  • The Thumbnail doesn't stay after relaunch so just unequip and equip a piece of armor to refresh it
  • If you select different types of armor slots it'll just become invisible most of the time.(So you can't wear two capes etc)
  • Some people have reported that trasmog in your pawn equipment can prevent them from showing up in the rift, while I cant confirm this, I can confirm that using only on your character will not prevent others from seeing your pawn. The came is very stingy about any modifications on your pawn, so it's good to always be careful even when giving them modded items. I'll try to figure out if the first sentence is true and get back at you.
  • Weapons(It may take a while)
  • Hotkey for enabling and disabling the transmog
  • MAYBE a dynamic list if people think 10 slots is not enough