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Edible items can now restore some of your loss gauge and have different healing properties

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I personally really like the loss gauge mechanic, but I find the interaction with items lacking.

This mod aims to give food the ability to restore some of your loss gauge (greyed out HP or BlackHP) while mantaining the need for camping.

This is what it does in detail:

  • Each edible item restores some of your loss gauge while healing
  • Potions and special items mantain the same functionality and doesn't restore your loss gauge
  • Rotten food cannot restore your loss gauge
  • Edibles that originally restored only stamina are included

Edibles are divided in 3 categories and have slightly different healing properties:

 BlackHpGain = base + itemHP * foodmult
 WhiteHPGain = 0
 TotalHPGain = base + itemHP * foodmult

Dried Food
 BlackHpGain = base + itemHP * driedmult
 WhiteHPGain = (itemHP * (1-driedmult) - base)
 TotalHPGain = itemHP (or at least: base)

 BlackHpGain = base + itemHP * roborantmult
 WhiteHPGain = itemHP (or at least: base)
 TotalHPGain = base + itemHP * (1 + roborantmult) (or at least: 2*base)

The italicized terms are also configurable, but I've carefully fine-tuned them to avoid game-breaking results that still makes camp relevant.
Default values:
  • base = 20
  • foodmult = 0.1
  • driedmult = 0.2
  • roborantmult = 0.05

To install the mod simpy use Fluffy Mod Manager with REFramework installed.