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Heal your party loss gauge by time. Customizable.

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Recover your party loss HP gauge by time. Default setting: 6 hours to fully recovered.

If you are using Fluffy version (1.1-perframe)
The mod will heal you per frame, makes the value framerate related, no precise. You need to tweak it yourself.

If you are using 1.1 version (origin version)
Checked per in-game min (2 secs in real time).

Suppose you have lost 50% max hp, and set 6 hours to fully recovered.
Then you will recover 50%/6/60=0.13888% max hp gauge every 2 seconds.

If the mod doesn't work after hours passed, use another version.

Put the file to reframework/autorun. The final path should be "Dragons Dogma 2\reframework\autorun\XXX.lua"
├── dinput8.dll
├── DD2.exe
├── reframework
│   ├── autorun
│   │   ├── XXX.lua

Customize UI: Press insert key to open REFramework menu, find "Script Generated UI", find "Heal by Time", there you go.