Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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  1. CastleWhale
    • member
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    I've since figured out solutions to all my issues, moral of the story is be very careful while using the skills tab of this mod. It works but is very easy to use improperly.
  2. Bahrtuk
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  3. Raikao
    • member
    • 7 posts
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    It works but you can hardly click in the menu because it doesn't seperate the mouse from the game window, so the camera keeps moving and you use skills when you click anything in the menu.

    How to fix that?
    Edit: Just going into the pause menu ingame before using the overlay kind of works like I want it to.
  4. nickkite
    • supporter
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    Hello, im a bit new to modding. It says you can edit the default UI key [F12] in the dinput8.ini, but im not sure how to get to that or what exactly to edit when i get there.
  5. Alegas
    • member
    • 13 posts
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    For some reasons, I can't activate the Augments on my character :( Anyone knows why ? Yes i checked the box for each augments i want in the "Active" tab, and yes I checked the box next to "Augments" to activate them. Yet it doesn't work.
  6. gokufan4ever
    • member
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    Using the GOG version, this crashes my game at startup every single time. Verified its this mod, bc if I delete the two files, it starts up just fine. Anyone know if theres a fix for this?
    1. magefool12
      • member
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      Hey me to.. what I found  to work... if you look inside the file source there is a."launch dragons dogma" icon  it works idk why..idk how but it's  my desktop icon now 
    2. ShadowActual
      • member
      • 12 posts
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      I have this problem too. Sadly, the mod appears to be incompatible with the GOG Galaxy client. What I did was to add a shortcut to the desktop and use that instead of Galaxy to launch the game, which works for me.
  7. Genial
    • member
    • 9 posts
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    Good afternoon!I apologize for my English ...I have a question, how can I translate the mod functions in the game into my language.More specifically, where to find it in a DLL file and start editing?Thank you for the answer!
  8. lordmoke
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    Best Mod in the game.
  9. fortraceyhyde
    • premium
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    everything except the item menu works for me, that dropdown doesnt well drop anything down
    1. fortraceyhyde
      • premium
      • 15 posts
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      disregard, but it doesnt let me spawn items in? it just changes my equipment to have the stats of the item and the name but retains the original appearance
    2. lordmoke
      • member
      • 109 posts
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      switch to pawn then switch back, maybe
  10. saurn118
    • member
    • 6 posts
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    I can't get the UI to open using either the default f12 hotkey or after changing it to NUMPAD 0 as some others have suggested. I am using the GOG version of the game rather than Steam, but I am not sure if this has any effect.

    1. Downloaded Mod file to desktop
    2. Extracted 2 files
    3. Copied those files to DDDA Folder (the folder contains "nativePC" then DDDA then the 2 copies (dinput8 - Copy.dll and dinput8 - Copy)
    4. Launch the game (have tried both administrator and non-admin) and load into my save (NG+)
    5. Hotkeys do not work, cannot bring up UI overlay (even after disabling Geforce in-game overlay)
    6. From main menu cannot access character editor either

    Here is the Hotkey and In-game UI section, in case I have missed something. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong, or is the mod only compatible with the steam version?

    ### Hotkeys
    ###  - adds shortcuts for menu items, so you dont have to click through it
    ###  - it just simulates what you would normally press
    ###  - 'menuPause' - pause (in ms) between pressing ESC and the next keys
    ###                - (because you need to wait through the whole animation)
    ###                - increase it if doesnt enter the menu
    enabled = on
    menuPause = 500

    ### https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd375731.aspx
    ### set to 0xFF to disable
    ### default: F5 = save, F9 = checkpoint, F12 = in-game ui (see below)
    ###          M = map, J = journal, U = equipment, K = status
    ###          Num5 = hide/show ingame clock (see below)
    ###          Num4/Num6 = substract/add minute, Num2/Num8 = substract/add hour
    ###          R = cycle skill set, C = cycle weapons
    keyUI = 0x60
    keySave = 0x74
    keyCheckpoint = 0x78
    keyMap = 0x4D
    keyJournal = 0x4A
    keyEquipment = 0x55
    keyStatus = 0x4B
    keyClock = 0x65
    keyClockMinDec = 0x64
    keyClockMinInc = 0x66
    keyClockHourDec = 0x62
    keyClockHourInc = 0x68
    keyWeapjavascript-event-stripped 0x52
    keyWeapjavascript-event-stripped 0x43
    keyDamageLog = 0x50

    ### In-game UI (overlay)
    ###  - should work with enb, may not work with steam overlay etc
    ###  - overlay for tweaking stuff, press keyUI (above) to show (default F12)
    ###  - this needs to be enabled for the clock to work
    ###  - allows you to config in-game clock
    ###  - allows you to edit highlighted item
    ###  - allows you to edit your party stats
    ###  - allows you to change npc's affinity
    ###  - allows you to equip skills
    ###  - allows you to set learned skills
    enabled = on
    1. crizam
      • member
      • 2 posts
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      Do you have an amd graphics card? If so this will fix ur problem cuz i was having same problem
      You need:
      1. Clean installation of DDAA (you can use texture mods, just make sure your main game folder only has nativePC folder, steam_api.dll and DDDA.exe)
      2. DXVK from github: https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk/releases
      3. Enb mod you want
      4. Enb wrapper that your enb installation require.


      1. Install ENB wrapper
      2. Install ENB mod and override if prompted.
      3. Extract d3d9.dll from x32 folder inside DXVK archive somewhere else like desktop for example and rename it to something else like d9vk.dll then paste it to the game folder.
      4. Edit enblocal.ini so PROXY section looks like this and save:

    2. Narsereg666
      • member
      • 15 posts
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      why would he have steam_api.dll on a GoG copy?
    3. magefool12
      • member
      • 2 posts
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      It's a gog stupid inside the same folde you out the mods... "launch dragons dogma" works