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Replaces the Main Menu Theme Song with awesome combined Dragon's Dogma tracks and more!
The songs have been intertwined to make a seamless high quality Dragon's Dogma theme song!

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***** Dragon's Dogma Thematic Title Music Mod *****
Welcome Arisens! 
This mod combines several Dragon's Dogma tracks into one lengthy DD Themed Main Menu Music!
The songs have been intertwined carefully with a nice fade in-fade out effect - to make
 a seamless high quality Dragon's Dogma tune! ENJOY!

  • High Quality Audio!
  • No looping!
  • 1 minute install.
  • Alternative Versions, YouTube and MP3 Versions are available!

Listen Before You Download:
You can view the videos below or visit the full mod's playlist linked here

Dragon's Dogma Thematic Mod Original HQ - INTO FREE:  **NEW!!!**
 Into Free -Dangan- Main Title DD OST - Character Creation  !SUPER RECOMMENDED!

Eternal Return Version:
Eternal Return - Main Title DD OST - Character Creation !Recommended! 

Eternal Return Dark Arisen Version:

Eternal Return - Main Title Dark Arisen - Character Creation (Slightly different 2nd track)

Special Coils of Light Version:
A Request - Coils of Light - A Request - Character Creation - Main Title DD OST

Dragon's Dogma Thematic Mod Imminent Triumph Guitar Arrange Version:
The Land that Breathes - Imminent Triumph Guitar Arrange - Main Title DD OST - Character Creation

Dragon's Dogma Thematic Mod Deadly Battle Extended Guitar Remix:
At the End of a Deadly Battle + Imminent Triumph Remix - Star Scattered Night - Character Creation

Dragon's Dogma Thematic Mod Coils of Light - Raychell Japanese Special
Star Scattered Night - A Request - Coils of Light Raychell - A Request - Character Creation

Dragon's Dogma Thematic Mod Coils of Light Raychell X English Crossover:
Star Scattered Night - A Request - Coils of Light Raychell - A Request - Coils of Light English - Raychell (Soft) -Char Creation

The Last Remnant Melodic Combined (TLR Tribute Versions):
The Search - Cherished Memories - Journey's End - The Bonds of Friendship - Journey's End 

The Last Remnant Serene Combined: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Family - The Marshalls - The Search - Cherished Memories - Life Without Remnants - Home

The Last Remnant Engaing Combined:
The First Awakening - Turn the Tide -  Reversal - Sword Sparks - The First Awakening

The Last Remnant Regal Combined:
The Young Marquis - The City of Heroes - The Warden and the Activator - The Known World - Limberlost

Devil May Cry 3 & 4 Themes Combined:
Out of Darkness - Kyrie's Song - Shall Never Surrender 2nd part - Devils Never Cry

Devil May Cry Never Cry Never Surrender:
Devils Never Cry - Shall Never Surrender

Drakan: Order of the Flame Tribute Theme 1999:
Main Menu Theme - Islands - Rift World - Wartok Canyons - Arokh's Lair (1999)

The Legend of Dragoon Tribute Theme 1999:
Opening Theme - If You Still Believe - Intro Theme - Ending Theme

Installation & Uninstall: 

1) Extract folder anywhere
2) Copy extracted folder "nativePC" to the root folder of DDDA in your common folder
3) Overwrite all.
4) That's it!
1) Delete "Tittle_DDN.sngw"
2) Rename "Tittle_DDN.sngwBACKUP" to "Tittle_DDN.sngw"
3) Delete "title.arc"
4) Rename "title.arcBACKUP" to "title.arc"

Side note: You may backup your files if you wish ("Tittle_DDN.sngw" and "title.arc") though I provided 2 reliable backup methods, read below.

Alternatively if something goes wrong, you can always delete both "title.arc" and "Tittle_DDN.sngw" - then go to Steam > Right click on Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache : 
This will check and validate all DDDA's file's - then fetch and download what's missing or incorrect, handy!

Who's This Meant For ?
1. Fans of DD's sweet soundtrack.
2. People who still like the new Dark Arisen Title Theme.
3. Fans of Eternal Return and Character Creation Themes.
4. If you want your main menu music to be lengthier and varied.

Full YouTube Thematic Mod Playlist HERE

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Special Thanks to The Nexus Users:

kalu666 who made the Title.arc modification! Check out his awesome mod !
GeckBoy3000 who's mod greatly inspired this one.
JJSANTOS86 Check out his Berserk inspired mod !
And s1nk0 for extra assistance and helpful advice.