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This mod makes adjustments to every spell for mage and sorcerer.

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This mod is a spell mod pack that readjusts every spell that mages and sorcerers can use. Some changes are small, some are big, some are even just making spells use their proper hitboxes. There's quite a lot of stuff done that should give an enjoyable experience. Let's get into the details of all the changes I have made for this mod.

Disclaimer: I don't make spell mods with balance in mind.

This mod will NOT ban your pawn from online play.

This will be quite a long list so I'll keep things short and simple. This mod also contains my Focused Spells and Magick Agent Rework mod.

Ingle - Fireballs now have homing. On hit, they'll create a tiny, piercing fireball that seeks a nearby target or "sticks" to the main the target. It explodes after a very short time dealing damage. Each fireball from Ingle will proc 3 hits. One from the main fireball, one when the tiny fireballs passes through enemies, and then the tiny explosion.

Frazil - Increased the scale of the blizzard so it covers a larger area, added pushback on the initial cast, and added a couple extra freeze blasts when fired. The freeze blast had their ranges increased significantly. Actually useful now.

Levin - After calling down the initial lightning strikes, thunderclouds form above. Surrounding enemies under these thunderclouds will be struck by lightning the same amount of times as the initial cast or until they're dead, ex. base 3 strikes, high 6 strikes, grand 9 strikes.

Comestion - Made the fire effects bigger and activated some unused hitboxes for High Comestion. High Comestion now has a wider AoE due to the activated hitboxes.

Frigor - The initial cast of each tier now has a blizzard zone where the ice spikes will emerge. Made the ice spikes a bit bigger and made ice blocks a little more durable. Ice blocks may cause minor damage to enemies. Grand Frigor is giant and the final emergence of the last ice spike summons smaller ice spikes on surrounding enemies, each with their own small blizzard. The blizzard doesn't do damage. It only freezes enemies that are susceptible to freezing.

Brontide - Made the whip longer for each tier and extended its whipping range. This spell is really fun just to play with the whip. It can be a little janky because the physics for this spell is quite complex. Also, Grand Brontide uses its own hitboxes and own lightning now, and the self lightning has a larger AoE for calling lightning strikes and slightly more frequent lightning strikes.

All status spells like Lassitude, Miasma, Blearing, Sopor, etc. have larger AoE's and last longer. Placeable status spells like Lassitude last for 10 seconds, and the high tiers versions last for 20 seconds.

Anodyne - Increased the healing rate and base Anodyne has a short, minor afterheal when you leave the bubble.

Halidom - High Halidom can now cure petrification. Basically everything High Voidspell could do is now in High Halidom.

Grapnel - Holds enemies for much longer. High Grapnel basically prevents large enemies from moving.

The elemental enchantment spells are unchanged. They already give you Focused Spells when you enchant your staff.

Bolide - Slightly decreased the time between meteor shots, and increased meteor size in higher tiers. Also fixed the targeting so a single target will get hit by more than 2 or 3 meteors. Adjusted cast time for base Bolide so it'll cast all 4 meteors when using modified articulacy.

Gicel - No longer summons giants ice spears from the caster, but Summons ice spears from the caster, and around the enemy. Target your enemy and they'll be hit with a chunk of ice that'll summon a freezing blizzard scaling in size based on tier. The ice spikes will then emerge and pierce your enemy. Sometimes, hilly terrain causes the ice spikes to emerge in a line beneath the target in higher tiers. Usually ice spikes emerge in a circle surrounding the target. If you somehow manage to hit an enemy without targeting it, the ice spikes will go toward the caster. The number of ice spears from the caster increase by tier. Base - 1 ice spear, High - 3 ice spears, Grand - 5 ice spears. They'll emerge in front of the caster, allowing for manual aiming. When manually aiming, there's a possibility the freezing blizzard and surrounding ice spears will not be triggered because that effect relies on auto aiming.

Fulmination - Mostly unchanged, I didn't know what to with it. Made hitboxes a little larger. Grand Fulmination is now larger than the high tier.

Seism - Higher tiers have larger hitboxes and rocks. Also, increased the randomness and added an enemy detector inside the randomness so enemies in the quake zone will be hit 100% of the time. The enemy detection increases by tier. Base - 1 enemy, High - 2 enemies, Grand - 3 enemies struck simultaneously.

Maelstrom - Base Maelstrom's tornado has a slight size and duration increase. High Maelstrom is an apocalypse with an absurdly large tornado that last longer than necessary, periodically causing smaller tornadoes. It is the ultimate spell after all.

Voidspell - Completely changed into the equivalent of Magick Rebuffer/Rebalancer from magick archer. Now, it creates a beacon that gives nearby allies a magic defense boost. High Voidspell gives both a magic and magic defense boost. Now you can be extremely op.

Spellscreen - Reworked into a magical "barrier" that pushes away nearby enemies, gives allies a defense boost, and some minor healing. Unfortunately, this does not block projectiles. Initial cast will drop a healing zone for the caster that can be re-entered, but wounded allies will be healed as long as they're inside the barrier.

Necromancy - Added an extra skull for base tier. High tier now has it hitboxes and own skulls activated. High tier summons 10 skulls, and each tier has massively increased duration, base is around 2 minutes 30 seconds and high is around 5 minutes. The skulls will probably have already attacked something long before the duration ends.

Exequy - Ain't nobody got time for that, so I went through every single timing for every enemy and cut the time needed to execute an enemy in half and placed a cap of ~65 seconds for the max amount of time to kill an enemy (Some were set to 20 minutes with High and almost 1 hour for Base!!!). High Exequy is roughly 5x faster with execution so the longest time it takes to kill something with High Exequy is at most ~15 seconds.  Also increased the size of the death circle. Just a little something in case you just don't want to deal with a monster.

Not sure if I missed anything, but you'll find out if you try this mod pack out!


How to install:
First, make a back up of your own wan.arc and stk.arc files located in C:\Program Files
(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DDDA\nativePC\rom\wp\w1 or wherever you
have your .arc files in your computer, as well as the respective files in your s1 folder located in nativepc\rom\sk.

Extract the .zip and place the wan.arc and stk.arc files into your w1 folder and replace files.

Second, place the stk##.arc files into your s1 folder located in nativepc\rom\sk and replace files.

If you find any bugs or think something needs adjusting, let me know and I'll do my best to work it out.