Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

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This mod aims to replace the UI throughout the whole game with a clean minimalist look. No more ugly yellow scrolls and jagged text boxes!

Permissions and credits
Version 0.51 14/05/23 - Completed "p_map1_ID", "skl_paper_ID", "learn_skl_ID". Altered brightness "p_paper_ID", "p_status_ID", "stora_paper_ID". Merge files now available.

This mod isn't finished yet - there's a lot of texture files to get through and I don't have a huge amount of spare time at the moment. Having said that, I have been at it a while and feel I've now done enough that it will be a useful addition to the game, and I may as well upload what I have so far while working on the rest.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the texture files this mod affects and their completion status. (Excuse the formatting it's just copied and pasted from my document)


done        filename            notes

x        cmc_mes0_ID            Pawn chatter subtitles box (?)
x        e3_tutorial_ID        Tutorial/hints popup box
x        npc_wind_HQ_ID        Generic text boxes - nearly every screen
x        p_save0_001_ID        Saving popup box
x        co_item_HQ_ID        Inventory screen glow map
x        co_item1_ID            Inventory screen
x        co_item2_ID            Item combination popup box
x        co_item3_ID            Inventory screen
x        common00_HQ_ID        Inventory screen glow map
x        name_place_ID        Location name popup box
x        pause0_01_ID        Pause menu buttons
x        pawncmcname_ID_HQ        Pawn info box - glow map
        barber1_HQ_ID        Barber screen glow map
        chredit_menu_ID        Barber screen
x        barber_bg_ID        Background image, barber screen
        barber0_ID            Barber menu
        chr_edit0_HQ_ID        Glow map
        chr_edit1_HQ_ID        Glow map
        edit_mask_HQ_ID        Glow map
        bright_ID            Brightness select
x        p_item_HQ_ID        Equipment screen glow map
x        p_item1_ID            Equipment screen
x        p_paper_ID            Equipment screen
        history00_ID        History screen
        history01_ID        History screen
        i_quest00_ID        Quests screen
x        i_quest01_ID        Generic text box
x        pause0_02_ID        Scroll display box, several screens e.g Chronicle
        s_item1_ID_HQ        Shop screen - glow map
x        s_item2_ID_HQ        Shop screen - glow map
        job_chang1_ID        Vocation change screen at innkeeper
        job_chang2_ID        Vocation change screen at innkeeper
        map_BG01_ID            Map screen background image
x        p_map1_ID            Map screen
        options00_ID        Options screen
        t_options00_ID        Options screen
x        title00_ID            Top left dragon motif, displays the name/title of the screen
x        bg00_ID            Background image, several screens
x        learn_skl_ID        Learn/set skills screen
x        skl_paper_ID        Learn/set skills screen
x        pl_parmte_ID        Character info box, mid-left on several screens e.g. Equipment
x        p_status_ID            Status screen
x        stora_paper_ID        Innkeeper deposit and withdraw screens


Copy the nativePC folder into your game's install location. Remember to back up all of the .arcs you will be replacing. You can also use a mod manager for install.

If you use other mods that affect the same .arcs this mod does (game_main, bbs_rpg, bbsrpg_core, title, and the GUI .arcs), then you will need to do some merging, below is a guide on how to do that.


Firstly you will need ARCtool, I won't cover the basics of how to use it here as there are already guides out there for that. Make sure you are using the latest version.

Then, download the merge files version of Cleaner UI, under optional files. Merge files are essentially the isolated files that a mod changes, extracted from the .arcs they belong to - without any of the unchanged vanilla files.

You'll need to examine which .arcs need to be merged. Only the .arcs that your other mods change will need to be merged - probably game_main.arc at the least, but not many other mods touch the .arcs located in the gui folder, for example. So for those, you can just use the already packed .arcs from the main file.

Now unpack the .arcs from your other mods, as an example let's say you've unpacked the game_main.arc from another mod. You'll now see a regular folder with the same name. In a separate window open the nativePC folder from the Cleaner UI merged files you downloaded, and find the game_main folder. Copy this and paste it onto the game_main folder back in the ARCtool window, and confirm the overwrites. Now repack this folder back into an .arc. This is now a merged .arc and you can paste in into the game directory as normal. Always back up your vanilla .arcs first.

Huge thanks to FluffyQuack for ARCtool, I couldn't have made this mod without it.