Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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Replaces the vanilla loading screen with an edited art piece from the official artbook.

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This mod replaces bbsrpg_core.arc located in DDDA\nativePC\rom Therefore, any mod you might already have, that is making changes to this file, will stop working. To avoid that, you will have to merge. See instructions below.


You can use Vortex.

To install manually, first consider making a backup of DDDA\nativePC\rom\bbsrpg_core.arc in case anything goes wrong.
Then just put the contents of the archive into the game's folder and confirm overwrite when prompted.


If you know how to merge, you can use any version of Arctool, just be mindful of the file extension, whether it should be .241F5DEB or .tex

In any case, MAKE BACKUP of bbsrpg_core.arc

Figured it will be the most simple way. Hope it all makes sense.

1. Get THIS, extract it somewhere and launch DDDATool.exe

Use the upper left button to open DDDA\nativePC\rom\bbsrpg_core.arc

3. Press Extract Arc button. Don't close the application yet.

4. Download New_Loading_Screen_MERGING.7z from the miscellaneous section and put its contents into your game's folder. A prompt to overwrite should come up. Overwrite.

5. Press RePack Arc button. Let it do the thing. Done.

Optionally, now you can remove some stuff from the DDDA\nativePC\rom\
It's leftovers from DDDATool working. 

Folder       bbsrpg_core
File            bbsrpg_core.arc.txt
File            log.txt
File            test.bin

Again, it's optional, you can leave them. No harm.


Craig Mullins