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Modding Made Easier is a personal multiple stage project of mine for Dragon's Dogma where I take a bunch of old mods from 2016 / 2017 and remake them for consistency & educational purposes. They are easier to understand, install and or customize as a base. They are loose files only meant for merging.

See Description for each mod.

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Modified Files: questReward.qr.xml
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This is a mod that offers players the chance to get more rewards from the story quests (see notes). The total possible options are Gold, Experience, Discipline Points, Rift Crystals, and Affinity (?).

I have provided two main files / versions:

- All-In-One version that provides double of all five resources. 
- Individuals version that you can choose between 2x / 5x / 10x options for all five but it's only one of them at a time. Example being one of the five folders is 2x / 5x / 10x for only Gold and within that the other four are untouched.


mGold = Gold (131 total lines, 100 edited)
mExp = Experience (131 total lines, 101 edited)
mRimPoint = Rift Crystals (131 total lines, 90 edited)
mJobPoint = Discipline Points (131 total lines, 4 edited)
mAddFriendPoint = NPC Affinity (131 total lines, 65 edited)

- These only affect the main story quests, not the actual notice board quests - I couldn't find how to modify them.
- If something had a value of 0 - it was not modified. There are only four or so lines of mJobPoint / DCP that were modified. In essence, you could probably forcefully edit every single one to be above 0 but who knows if that works.
- These are tedious to do. See above.
- Affinity: please see the wiki - I don't really know much about this.

If you don't like the available options, use one of the options as a base or see the greater rewards mod and unpack one of the variants there. I think my combined version might've came from there. They're hard to make. If you to make your own (use file > make copy) via this spreadsheet I made and refer to it.


1) Download the optional file labelled "ARCTool (Simplified)". Extract it to its own folder. You should have a
folder that has ARCTool and six batch files if done right.
2) Go to your game_main.arc that you use for DD:DA. Back it up first, then
copy it, and paste it into the folder you extracted ARCTool
(Simplified) to
3) Double-click XFS_Extract. Your game_main.arc is now unpacked in the form of loose files, your "game_main" should be a folder
4) Download the main file, extract it somewhere else. Pick a version and copy the game_main folder of it
5) Paste the folder you just copied into the folder that was unpacked in step 3, it will overwrite the respective files
6) Double-click XFS_Repack. The game_main.arc file is packed with your
tweak and is now ready to be used, put it back in the DD:DA directory or

- DD:DA community for modding the game
- FluffyQuack for ARCTool