Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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Modding Made Easier is a personal multiple stage project of mine for Dragon's Dogma where I take a bunch of old mods from 2016 / 2017 and remake them for consistency & educational purposes. They are easier to understand, install and or customize as a base. They are loose files only meant for merging.

See Description for each mod.

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As per the title, this is the start of the Series. This mod covers stamina drain while sprinting


Modified Files: PIStaminaDrain.stm and PIStaminaDashAssassin.stm
Loose File Directory: /game_main/param/pl/stamina/

Main file consists of five versions. Pick one or make your own.


- Does not affect stamina costs while using skills, doesn't affect combat directly.
- This only works in the overworld, not in town.
- Does not affect pawns.
- Likely is pawn safe, but if you use mods, best to stick to private/offline.



1) Download the optional file labelled "ARCTool (Simplified)". Extract it to its own folder. You should have a folder
that has ARCTool and six batch files if done right.
2) Go to your game_main.arc that you use for DD:DA. Back it up first, then
copy it, and paste it into the folder you extracted ARCTool
(Simplified) to

3) Double-click XFS_Extract. Your game_main.arc is now unpacked in the form of loose files, your "game_main" should be a folder
4) Download the main file, extract it somewhere else. Pick a version and copy the game_main folder of it
5) Paste the folder you just copied into the folder that was unpacked in step 3, it will overwrite the respective files
6) Double-click XFS_Repack. The game_main.arc file is packed with your
tweak and is now ready to be used, put it back in the DD:DA directory or
output if you use MO2.


- None of this would be possible without FluffyQuack, and or certain people from within DD:DA communities (such as Dragon's Dogma Central, The White Dragon Temple and Wyrm Hunt).