Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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Buffs weak augments. Brings similar augments to equal strength and fixes the odd bug.

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Please note some augments are bugged beyond my ability to fix and some are designed so poorly they may as well be bugged. Ive noted this in the tags and mod notes sections of the below details:

Here is a list of changes: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16iy0IT8V1ORCkZJbr_PxquyFY7uuXoNK7A2qG8Mmr0o/edit?usp=sharing

Merging (only for advanced users and other mod authors):
It's on the linked site. howver i know its a rubbish site, im slowly moving stuff to a new one. For now ill update the description here.

You only need to merge mods if both mods edit the same .arc file. You also need to know what files they edited inside the .arc. In the case of this mod it is "game_main\param\pl\other/PlAbilityParam.ablparam.xml" and the .arc is "game_main.arc".

  • Get the ARCtool.rar and 3DS-batch from here: https://www.fluffyquack.com/tools/
  • extract arctool to its own folder anywhere, move the batch file with it
  • Extract the other mods "game_main.arc" by dragging it onto to “pc-dd-xfs-conversion.bat”. Remember the .arc needs to be in the same folder as the .bat.
  • Make sure you move the extracted "game_main" folder to a different folder before extracting another .arc file
  • Now drag the contents of the "game_main.arc" in my merging download onto the previously extracted  "game_main" folder. Overwrite when asked.
  • Now make sure there is no " "game_main.arc" in the .bat folder
  • drag the altered "game_main" folder back onto the .bat and it should convert it into a .arc.

If two mods edit the same files within a .arc, the one you overite with last will be in effect and the overwritten mods may have no effects or may malfunction. But if you have some kind of overhaul you like, but want to replace its augments with mine, they should merge fine for an example.

Feedback and requests is encouraged!

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