Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

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ENB realistic themed preset for mid-high end PC's

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Real-Life ENB
A realistic themed ENB

Adds high quality HBAO, Bloom, DOF, AA, and Color correction, and realistic day lighting

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To Install

1. Download the latest version of ENBseries from HERE
2. Unzip only the d3d9.dll file from the Wrapper folder to your DDDA.exe directory
2. Download this ENB and unzip to the same directory
3. Verify all overlay programs are disabled for compatibility - Steam Overlay, MSI Afterburner, Fraps, etc
4. Once ingame hit Shift + F12 to toggle effects off and on, or Shift +Enter to bring up the configuration menu.

Ingame Requirements
1. HDR must be set to HIGH
2. DOF must be off
3. Designed for default brightness 10 or higher
4. Don't Blind me lantern bloom mod highly recommended

1440p or 4k User? Mid or low end system?
Please open up the enbseries.ini and change the line SizeScale=0.5 to SizeScale=0.25 or lower

Don't like DOF?
Press Shift+Enter ingame to bring up the ENB GUI, then under the "Effect" on the left, uncheck "UseDepthOfField"

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