Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

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I made Legion's Might and Sanguine Stalk invisible.
The method of weapon transparency done by the pioneers had some problems when applied to the staff, so I tried to solve them. I'm still testing, but so far no problems. Give it a try if you like.

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This mod makes Legion's Might and Sanguine Stalk invisible.

As far as I know, many of the invisible weapon mods are achieved in the same way. These are very cool and I love them.
However, when this method is applied to the staff, there are reported problems with small attacks not being possible and CTDs when using buffs. It was the same in my environment.

The great thing about this method is that the magic effects appear on the palm. It's not like the staff is transparent, it's like the staff is gone.
My pawn has been loving this, but I'm concerned about unstable issues like CTDs.

Therefore, I researched the details of this method and worked on improving it. As a result, those problems were solved and so far it is working well. Unfortunately, the magic effect appears at the head of the invisible staff and not at the palm. It seems impossible to have both.
This mod only makes it transparent, so it's not a surprise.

To install
- Backup your files.
- Place files in \steamapps\common\DDDA\nativePC\rom\wp\w1

Special Thanks 
Thanks to BakedCookie and simonopl, the pioneers of this technique.
The "Quiver begone" they created was very helpful for me to know how to do the transparency.
I was able to make the staff transparent directly instead of swapping models with already transparent objects, which solved the problem.