Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

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400+ pieces of equipment that I ported over better normal maps for. Many enemies and NPCs have better normal maps for their equipment that they share with the player. In short, the player will usually have a squished texture such as 512x256, where an enemy will have 512x512 or higher. I hope this little mod helps out with your Fashion's Dogma!

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The main idea is mostly covered in the short description, but here I can give some more info.

I made this mod for 2 reasons.

First off, as many here may know, I'm working on a full remaster of the game, but it's taking forever and a day because I'm learning how to hand make textures that perfectly match the originals as well as possible. I'm a slow learner and not a very experienced artist. But, these better normal maps are literally just higher res versions of the exact same textures the player use, so it gives a boost to the resolution that's as faithful to the original design as possible. I wanted to give the community a better "base" so to speak when it comes to their armor. I was pretty thorough so hopefully I didn't miss any pieces.

Secondly, having these available will help me in the future when I create 4k versions of the textures. The normal maps being higher resolution, even if it's only a slight bump, makes it much more legible, so it'll be easier for me to make out the details for recreation. I figure it could also possibly help anyone else that may have similar goals as myself.

So, the game's models can surprisingly work with the textures regardless of the original aspect ratio. I found that the player almost always has a squished normal map to save room, typically 512x256, whereas a bandit with the same piece of equipment would have a 512x512 version of the exact same normal map. If a player actually has a 512x512 normal map, the bandit would have a 512x1024. There were even better versions of very small textures, hand wraps for the player would be 256x128, bandit's had a 256x256. Socks/leg wraps would be 64x64, bandits had a 64x128. You get the picture.

One type that really stood out were the Crowned Hood type pieces of equipment. The player had a 512x256, the Wight had a 1024x1024 normal map for it, as well as for the base texture and the specular, so I was able to create 1024x1024 versions of all 3 textures that make up the crowns. Unfortunately I was only able to find a 512x512 normal map for the hood part.

In some cases the equipment normal maps the enemies had were a bit different from the player's, though this is relatively rare. If the difference was small, I made a backup of the vanilla for future use, and ported over the better enemy version anyway. There were also some cases where it only took me a little bit of simple hand drawing to make it match the player version. If the enemy normal map was too different, I didn't port it over. There were also a few cases where only a few pieces of the equipment had a better normal map, so I stretched the texture and dropped the pieces that were better in place.

In regards to normal maps I ported that weren't exactly the same as the vanilla player textures, I recommend making a backup of your eq folder. That way, if you're playing the game and decide you don't like one of the changes, you can put the vanilla file back in. Additionally, if you're a modder and want to stick with the original normal maps for your mod for the equipment, having a backup will come in handy. That being said, the majority of these ports are the exact same texture as before, just higher resolution, so it shouldn't come up too often.