Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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This patch brings the GOG edition of Dragons Dogma inline with Steam.

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I own this on both GOG and Steam and did a deep comparative between the 2 games looking at the nativePC folder and made an archive of all the
different files between the 2. Then I pulled out only the changed files and packaged them up for you.

Extract the "rom" and "sa" folders from this archive into your "nativePC" folder found inside your install directory for DDDA from GOG.com. Overwrite anything that it asks you to do. I've completed the game with this patch and ran into no issues so far. If you run any other mods this should be installed first and overwrite these values or merge the files yourself.

You may need 7zip to extract the archive or some other utility that handles .7z files.

This is 4.58 Gigs of data, includes HQ textures and the 3 patches from 12/18/2017 Which are:

【Japanese input error Fix】
When typing in Japanese text while in full screen mode, users were not able to see before they converted to
kanji, katakana, etc. This has been fixed.

【Ability Bug Fix - Inflection】
Fixed a bug on the ability, “Inflection” in which it was originally doubling
damage instead of halving damage in certain situations. Inflection now
appropriately halves damage.

【Quest Bug fix】
A rare bug originally occurred in which the quest "Trappings of Evil" was made
unavailable if a user upgraded and equipped specific gear. This fix will
now allow players who own the upgraded version of that gear to take on
the quest.

Notice: From my testing it works but I've not taken the Inflection skill, but the "Trappings of Evil" was available when I upgraded the gear. Of course use at your own risk, My machine is not like yours and I cannot 100% guarantee it will work. All I can say is this is how I play my GOG version and will not play without it.