Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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Changes the Hobgoblin mini Boss into a Greater Goblin for a more challenging and unique ending to the quest.

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Hello everyone! I've always had a problem with the fact that the quest "A Fortress Besieged" had this big siege battle and then a bit of a letdown for the final fight. You fight multiple Hobgoblins in and out of the quest and other Chieftains in the mainland.

I thought to myself the other day, what if the game took the opportunity to use this Boss fight as an introduction to harder monsters that the player will face later in the game? So, after learning from Nnstan's excellent video tutorial on enemy spawn editing, I set out to do just that. Took me a day or 2, especially as this isn't my usual area of "expertise", but I think it's really cool and I hope everyone enjoys this little mod.

I think it also makes sense story/lore wise to have the strongest of Goblins leading a siege. I've also been thinking about doing an additional mod where I up the Goblin count to make the whole thing feel more like a truly overwhelming Siege Battle.