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Handmade high-quality textures for the Flamberge to make it resemble an intricate knightly weapon that is ironically carried by troopers.

Permissions and credits
NOTE: This is made by my best friend, Blackgrowl, give credits to him!
As for I, KillerHell, I have made it so all donations go directly to him
in case you do feel like donating, which I hope you do. He deserves it.

This mod completely overhauls the Flamberge texture, using nothing more than new textures from scratch.
The major changes are on the grip, hilt and pommel.
The idea is to make an intricate, beautiful weapon fit for a high-class
Knight. Although the irony is that it was worn by an average Trooper

The textures have been resized to 2048 and all reworked by scratch, there is not a single texture that is using the original.

Reminder first; do make a backup.
To install, simply go to "C:\Program Files
(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DDDA\nativePC\rom\wp\w0" and extract the
rar there, replacing "two004.arc".

Don't forget to endorse afterwards!

Add a comment in the comments section and I'll ask Blackgrowl to answer.
In case you want to see more of his work and contact him for a commission; https://www.artstation.com/ishmael_the_inducer

BE WARNED: This is a big one!

A simple sword of no apparent magical attributes that, for some reason, receives the
"respect" it deserves by being indeed imbued with magic.
Anybody holding it will feel nothing but calm, even in the worst of times. But this enchantment comes at a tragic price.
Only when somebody imbues it with further magic, shall he see the tragedy within...

Stories go, that this was found by The Smith-in-Exile himself, who despite
knowing nothing of it, somehow knew how the sword "felt", and reforged
it in accord.
But then, due to apparently having no feelings at all, he just left it there to rot, as if it was yet another one-use towel.
There it laid, until a lucky traveler, which could surely be you, picked
it up for his own adventures!

There is more to this sword though, a Legend, as told by Bourael Zin'ko. Though he denies any
mention of it, he is secretly "The Master Extraordinaire", and a
Traveling Professor of the Universe.
"Have you ever heard one of those cliched accounts, where an individual takes their Last Stand?
This happens dreadfully often, especially with animals. Believe me, you do
NOT want to corner a rat, lest you get bitten like I was!

But anyway, I digress, my dear friends, for I must tell you this story...
About how a man, in complete desperation, did what anybody would deem to
be impossible. Unless of course, you are one of those "Gray Lunatics"
as Ishmael the Deceiver would say.

There was once a man that, one day, stopped to be alive, to take everything in. He was average and
lived a normal life like any other. He already felt he had succeeded in
life. He had a family, a wonderful, loyal, and clever wife. She gave him
two loving daughters, blindingly intelligent and stunningly beautiful.
He lived first as a Layman, then he became a Soldier. I think it's because
he got drafted though. Either way, his life as a soldier was good, all
victories and never losses, it seems.
During the service, he got himself a sword, they called it "The Rose's Thorns" because, well, it
was to make fun of him, simple as that. But by my knowledge, I KNOW, my
dear friends, that it is indeed a Flamberge.

And right here, we are back to the "Last Stand".
He returned home, living a normal life the best he could, chopping wood
and bringing game for his family... But somehow, one day a group of
bandits found his peaceful little house, and decided to raid it.
Away chopping wood, the man arrived just in time to combat the bandits, but
they had lit the house on fire. He charged in, and slaughtered every
bandit he could find, with only his rather dull chopping axe.
Trying to find his family, he first got "The Rose's Thorns" from his wall
stand, and then found them hiding in the basement. He told them to stay
there until everything calmed down, not to worry of the fire since it
won't hit the insulated basement itself.

Suddenly, out of sheer dumb luck for the brigands, a horde of goblins appear, with all the
remaining bandits, if there were even any left, hah! Anyway, anyway--The
bandits? Ah yes, they escape, as fast as they can, but I still got a
theory that the goblins were in league with these bandits.

But back to these goblins...So, they appear, out of nowhere, and they also start to raid, bringing even more fire than before.
The man, of course, wouldn't let this happen, and he tried his best to kill
them all, with all the skills he acquired as a Soldier.
But despite all his bravery and prowess, the man was, sadly, shot dead, by just one arrow to the heart...

And the vile little goblins found the hideout, oh they did, even though the
house was falling apart. I swear these creatures have a very specific
and hyper-sensitive sense of smell!
But, oh, finally, some stroke of luck! The man got up, all the goblins demoralized by his sudden
resurgence, thinking he might be a "Revenant" of legend.
But, my dear friends, as you would know... When I say anything about luck, I mean
it. As fate would have it, the man was merely shot between the ribs,
nowhere near the heart. He was very much alive, and oh, somewhat well.
Pain, you say? What pain? The man wants his family safe, and if all that
means is that HE has to suffer, then he will persevere! Here is the
reason I mentioned that "Last Stand" rhetoric.

But well, let us continue... Cutting the Goblin Leader's head off, the rest of the horde
retreats. Finally, we all thought, it is over!
It was not.
If you ever find yourself wondering just how unlucky one can be, remember this
story; The Dead suddenly sprang up from the scorched earth, the bodies
of the bandits and goblins he had slain...How? And why?!
My dear friends, I do wish oh so much to tell you how this happened, but I am
merely a Master Traveler, some call me a Professor though, but I only
share knowledge.
As for this turn of events, I like to think that my most loyal companion, Ishmael the Deceiver, brought it about.
Why? For fun, of course! He did not want a story to end boringly so.

And well, back to it again, how many times did I interrupt my self today..?
Oh, yes, yes, on it... So, these zombies rising up, the man couldn't
believe it, but he still tried his best to hold them off, though you
can't simply kill what is already dead.
Hordes of them, coming and coming, upon a house already enflamed, despite everything being collapsed.
As I'm sure the story has made clear by now, The man did not lack bravery,
but... He did lack good luck. A true "Revenant" appears, and takes "The
Rose's Thorns" by force. It plunges the blade through his torso, this
time, hitting the heart.

He collapsed on to his knees, still watching his family. The Revenant had gone. With the basement's door
broken, and only parts of the collapsed house to seal, a large undead,
with skin dark as pitch, found it's way inside.

The family, scared and unsure of what to do, lose hope. With the man dead, they will
surely join the zombie horde, as would the father.
But then, somehow, the man stands up, STILL LOOKING ALIVE AND HEALTHY! And if you
can believe it, he grabs the axe he thankfully holstered, and chops his
assailants heads off one by one, man and goblin alike.
Sadly, this "Last Stand", was hopeless. The swarm was endless...
The only thing this man could think to do, was to be the one to take his
family's lives, so that they may die mercifully by his own hands, and
not at the horrifying jaws of the dead.

He made his decision. Jumping down to the basement, he drew the sword off his back, and tried to give a clean kill for his wife.
But, his strength dulled from the onslaught, his sword did not strike true.
He could only half-cut his wife's head, and upon trying again, only cut
half her guts as well. The same terrible fate befell his poor daughters.
For what he did, he could not forgive himself. Suddenly, rain poured out
from a cloudless sky, dousing the fire and flooding out the ashes.
The zombies stared petrified, simply stood there motionless, almost as if they were statues.

My dearest friends, it is unknown as to how this man rose up from his
mortal wounds, but there's more to this story. Though what I have told
you so far, is as "The Legend" goes.
You see, this man, seemingly still alive, simply got up after a long slumber, and moved around, sword
in hand, dragging it behind him, leaving a bloody trail that would
never end, and is always fresh.
Some say that he instead plunged the sword back in to his heart, in an attempt to kill himself, so he could
reunite with his family, but he didn't die. Instead, he was resurrected,
left to travel the world for nothing, all the while leaving a crimson
trail as the point of the blade dragged through the earth.

What I do know for sure, my dearest friends, is that, this is indeed a macabre
story, and the bodies of his family are real, but... They are kept in
the basement, completely buried and locked.
Why? Because their bodies, despite being so mangled and mutilated, have never seen rot,
they are so fresh they don't even smell of blood or bacteria. The reason
why, I would love to know, but the damned guards got me on watch!"

(Also, big thanks to "LDK.SuperDante" for the screenshots and Player Character)