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A retexture of the Virge of Madness to make it much more fit, making it look more practical and versatile, for a Knight or Soldier, as well as of higher quality.

Permissions and credits
NOTE: This is made by my best friend, Blackgrowl, give credits to him!
As for I, KillerHell, I have made it so all donations go directly to him in case you do feel like donating, which I hope you do. He deserves it.

This is a texture mod that replaces the Virge of Madness with something much less "fancy" and "decorative" so it can be instead much more functional and practical looking, yet there is a surprise for those who are into elemental magic.

The textures have been resized to 4096 and all reworked by scratch, there is not a single texture that is using the original.

While it may not seem much, and it really doesn't, this is a mace that a true Knight would strive to have made.
Heavily unkempt, the "use" it has is rather obvious, but the effectiveness is just as good either way.
Legend says that this was once a magical mace, made by The Smith-in-Exile himself, created for a handsome knight of short stature
Which, despite being small, had quite a punch and a pose that only he could carry and swing it effectively.
Unknown as to what happened to him, it seems to have been left out rusting in Bitterblack Isle.

Could it be restored back, perhaps even to its former glory?

Reminder first; do make a backup.
To install, simply go to "C:\Program Files
(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DDDA\nativePC\rom\wp\w0" and extract the
rar there, replacing "mac030.arc".

Don't forget to endorse afterwards!

Add a comment in the comments section and I'll ask Blackgrowl to answer.
In case you want to see more of his work and contact him for a commission; https://www.artstation.com/ishmael_the_inducer