Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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Change animation and properties of attacks while not using a main weapon (any class as long as you don't equip a main weapon)

Permissions and credits
  • Somewhat complete, trying to add a lot of moves into basic movement result in trickier control.
  • Tutorial and explanation about animation modding HERE <-Link
  • This mod is made and tested on Vanilla DDDA Legal Steam version latest
  • update (if it have any) on any other version or modded game it may or
    may not work.
  • The install packages are meant to be install as it is, any attempt to
  • merge/modify/split/partly install it will most likely result in error.
  • Nexus mod manager is not supported, the only way to install is to manually copy-replace respective files
  • Recommend Assassin class with shield equipped (you can try to make shield invisible with some other mods), while it'll work with all classes as long as you do not equip a main weapon, assassin is prefer because they can dodge roll and double jump as well as equip a shield for more moves.
  • Feel free to discuss anything but I do not receive request/suggestion/ideas... , bug report or data input is most welcome.
1/10/2021 : Version 1.1
Warning : this update add more moves that can be tricky to use, but I believe with some practice and learning it can be turn into smooth combos.

  • Some minor change to previous moves.
  • Improve Perfect block AoE, allow it to easier hitting enemies all around.
  • Change Climb light attack allow faster hitting, build up burning and blind at a low rate.
  • Increase Climb heavy attack AoE, add build up burning and blind at a high rate.
New moves: (All Shield move)
  1. Raise shield ->Quick shield dash (moving castle), dealing weak dmg to enemies on contact, can lift small foes, build up frozen (or depend on shield ele). Tricky to use, require practice and learning its behaviour
  2. Release shield-> Back kick (quickly dodge back then do a forward kick) dealing medium dmg, can send small foes flying, build up burning, same as the original Back kick, the kick can be cancel into something else with proper timing, also the dodge have IF.  Tricky to use, require practice and learning its behaviour
  3. Hold block in the air-> round kick dealing medium dmg, can send small foes flying, build up burning, also perform this kick if you block a weak enemy's attack on the air.
  4. Landing while hold block-> perform a step attack deal AoE dmg, build up Frozen.
  5. Block an attack normally -> perform a shield bash deal weak dmg, build up Frozen (or shield ele).
1/2/2021 : Version 1.0

Bare hand moves:
  1. Standing light attack 1 (right hook) -> kick from "Engrave" max 3 weak hit, last hit can lift small foes (build up dark,thundershock, freezing)
  2. Standing light attack 2 (left hook) -> the next kick from "Engrave" it'll chain together with the first attack 1 strong hit that can send small foes flying (build up burning)
  3. Standing heavy attack (forward kick) -> a slide (from Mad dash) 1 strong hit that can knockdown small foes
  4. Jumping light attack (jump punch) -> a flying kick (from Stepping stone) 1 strong hit that can send small foes flying (build up burning)
  5. Jumping heavy attack (overhead smash) -> spinning dive (from skull splitter) multi weak hit (build up holy drain).
Shield moves:
  1. Perfect shield counter -> a roundhouse kick (from Scarlet kisses) 1 very strong hit that can send small foes flying (dealing both physical dmg and magic holy dmg, trigger holy drain)
  2. Shield Strike -> left upper cut (from Toss and Trigger) 1 very strong hit that send small foes upward (dealing both physical dmg and magic dmg, took shield element otherwise it'll be fire) Break shield block and ore veins.

Install instruction : copy and replace these file hnd.arc in "DDDA\nativePC\rom\wp\w0" sld.arc in "DDDA\nativePC\rom\wp\w2" and sld00.arc in "DDDA\nativePC\rom\sk\s2", exit then reopen the game.
Included backup files.

  • In game_main.arc there is another copy of "m0004_at.lmt" which is the animation file of unarmed combat, if copy/replace the files above doesn't work you may need to unpack your game_main.arc and copy/replace this file in "game_main\motion\pl\m\m00\m0004_at" then repack it.

  • No notable problem so far.
  • Tougher enemies will be harder to throw off balance, you may need to build up stagger and knockdown value somehow. Otherwise just hit thing until it flop.
  • I have not test how it react with "Bloody knuckle" or periapt.
  • This wasn't made with the intention to allow player to beat everything in the game with these moves, because of how stats work, trying to make it relevant to end game content like BBI will also cause it to be too OP in the base game and via versa. With the current attack value of these moves (as of 1.1) I guess it can clear main game easily, a bit tough in Everfall and very difficult to beat BBI.
  • It also doesn't mean to rival any kind of weapons and classes.

Credit :

Thanks to FluffyQuack for the Arctool.
Thanks to Lukas Cone for the MT Framework tool
Thanks to Wilsonso for the RE6 Lmt tool