Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

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Drogean and the Reshade team

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Adds next gen effects to this old gen game.

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From the makers of E3FX for The Witcher 3

Adds the following:
Bloom, HBAO , Debanding, Sharpened textures, Color Correction and Enhancement
No crushed blacks here.

Performance Warning:
This preset is DESIGNED for 1080p resolutions.
The effects will be SCALED up at higher resolutons causing MASSIVE performance loss unless your configs are edited.
See below

No Effects Showing?

Be sure to overwrite ALL files, and  Disable ALL overlay programs you have, including Steam Overlay

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To Install
* Just extract the zip to your Dragons Dogma .exe folder
* Hit scroll lock in-game to toggle effects on and off
* Hit Print screen to take a screenshot with NO watermarks

To Modify
* Open the .CFG files inside the Reshade folder with notepad

To Disable effects (and increase performance), change the following values to 0:
 Bloom: Customfx.cfg - #define USE_GAUSS 1   
 Sharpening: Sweetfx.cfg - #define USE_LUMASHARPEN 1  

1440p or 14k resolution? Or Just bad performance?
You MUST edit MCFX.cfg and change the following line to a value between .25 and .5
#define AO_TEXSCALE 1.00

Too Blue?
1) Download the "less blue" pallete and extract to DDDA.exe folder.
2) As an alternative, Open the Reshade\Custom.cfg, and lower this setting to between .1 to .5 to just reduce the effect
#define TuningColorLUTIntensity .65

Recommended Settings:

1080p Res, full screen, HDR LOW,  5500/6500 monitor temperature, In-game brightness 10 or above
Your results may vary depending on how your monitor is calibrated

HBAO shadows show up through lights and fog, this can't be avoided

Reshade by Crosire
GEMFX and ReShade Frameworks by LuciferHawk
MasterEffects by Marty Mcfly
SweetFX by Ceejay.dk

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