Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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Have you ever wanted to not be purple? Well now you don't need to be purple! Striker's Coat of Shadow replaces the Coat of Shadow with this new and improved model with a snazzy new waistcoat and UV editing to have a scale-like texture to match the strikers greaves and armguards so you can live out your fantasies with decent stats. Woo Assassins!

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces the m_a_body7000.arc file in your DDDA game folder

Pairs well with the other Striker's gear already in game

Mod is pictured with the Striker's coat of Shadow, Assailant's Bracers, Striker's Greaves, Patterned Gambeson and the Immortal's Vanguard Helm from a previous mod I created.

With this the Assassin, Strider, and the Magick Archer can have a different look in end game armor without sacrificing the stats to do so. After all, why are we playing this game if not to have fun, enjoy the great wide world of Gransys, and embark on an adventure of your own. This set also works quite well if you switch the final weapons with earlier steel swords and pairs well with many of the Marcenary/Bandit attire in the game. 

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