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A retexture of the Iron Sword to make it much different and higher in quality, as well as it being Steel instead of Iron.

Permissions and credits
NOTE: This is made by my best friend, Blackgrowl, give credits to him!
As for I, KillerHell, I have made it so all donations go directly to him in case you do feel like donating, which I hope you do. He deserves it.

Made by "S7 Gaming"

I, Blackgrowl, would like to say that, if it wasn't for your fellow Nexus Modder, "LDKSuperDante", I wouldn't have made this.
He kept me motivated and most importantly let me do the sword however I wanted, knowing full well I am indeed the expert here.
I know what I said is arrogant, but you simply can't deny that, putting as an example; when you have a dumb boss who thinks you're good at computers when you aren't decides to use you for computers by free labor, wouldn't that piss you off? So yeah, he did right, he gave me proper suggestions and criticism, most important is helping me fix the Normal Map and bringing the quality of the sword to a higher standard, even higher than expected.

So yeah, in short, thank LDK.SuperDante for inspiring me to make it.

A quote from him:
"A sword made by Blackgrowl. He was kind enough to not only help me make this, but try and teach me how to make things like this myself. From
this point on, I will remake my current weapons, and hold the rest of my work with Real Steel to this Standard."
Without a doubt, he will. Everybody loves sexy swords, especially ladies...

I would also like to say that I have also made this as a way to say "Thank you" to another fellow Nexus Modder, "iloveyoupurples" AKA Lefein, for making a mod that changes the enemies, which you can easily argue on how easy it is but it's objectively not in Dragon's Dogma. She needs to do HEX EDITING for Jupiter's sake!
Lefein, if you are reading this; thank you so much for making a great mod, it has made me enjoy Dragon's Dogma more even after reaching Level Infinite.
Please, never falter in your own mod, no matter what happens. If any dummy bothers you, hit them with this Sword that is of your namesake!

This is a texture mod that replaces the Iron Sword with something a lot more elaborated and fancy, while still keeping the "dirty" look of the weapon as is common with all other Dogma weaponry.

The textures have been resized to 4096 and all reworked by scratch, there is not a single texture that is using the original. (I even retextured the guards' edges, which nobody will notice!)

It even has its own "Glow Map", enchant it and love it some more.

An unknown, beautiful but unkempt sword that seems to have been belonging to a Fair Maiden, as indicated by some of the patterns and decorations in the Guard, Grip and Pommel.
The maker of this sword is unknown, although the Enchantments glow symbols indicate that this is from an intricate Smith-in-Exile who wanders Gransys in search for challenges, he is known to have an amazingly huge Handlebar moustache and to be darker than the night itself.
A translation of the symbolic letters in the fuller, when enchanted, goes as: "May the Maiden give me Ordeals!"

The Smith-in-Exile, if it is him who made it, is indeed quite a hard fellow.

Reminder first; do make a backup.
To install, simply go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DDDA\nativePC\rom\wp\w0" and extract the rar there, replacing "one000.arc".

Don't forget to endorse afterwards!

Add a comment in the comments section and I'll ask Blackgrowl to answer.
In case you want to see more of his work and contact him for a commission; https://www.artstation.com/ishmael_the_inducer