Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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Replaces the texture for Tattered Mantle with a crimson, gold-fringed texture that matches the color of Royal Surcoat. Male and female versions included.

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While I enjoy the stats on the Tattered Mantle, I was never crazy about its looks. This mod replaces the old and worn look with a cloak of rich crimson, with a golden clasp and fringe. The cloak has also been shortened to a more sensible length eliminate clipping when your character runs.

Install by unzipping the archive and copying the folder inside to DDDA\nativePC\rom\eq. Back up the original files if desired.

The same texture can be applied to Alchemical Mantle, Wyrm Hunt Mantle, Hero's Cape and Lordly Cloak if desired by using the Arctool to unpack the corresponding ARC files, and copying the m_body_c104_a_NUKI.tex and f_body_c104_a_NUKI.tex from this mod to the corresponding folders, and substituting them for the existing NUKI files.

Based on the recolored texture of the Lordly Cloak.
Inspired by the No Clipping Cloaks project by BonusJZ.