Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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Completely change how Voidspell work, it now clear all debilitation, restore stamina and repel enemies (Read detail in description)

Permissions and credits
Change Sorcerer's Void spell into the following:    

Basic Tier : Create a Light sphere for short duration that grant buffs to allies who enter the sphere : Weak stamina regen effect, 1 of the 2 effect below depend on what pack you choose to install:     
1. Spellscreen effect ( this is from Mage's spell) Greatly increase defense and stagger/knockdown resistance. (UPDATE : upon closer inspection pawn will cast Basic tier when there are Stats Lowered debil which result in SpellScreen overwrite said debil for its duration, thus its now confirmed safe to use for pawn as well.         While this allow more flexible using depend on the situation, it will mess with the pawn's AI if they try to cure you or pawns from Stats Lowered debilitations. Thus its recommend ONLY for SORC PLAYER not SORC PAWN).
2. Clear ALL debilitation and grant a very short Impervious effect ( nullify all debilitation) upon enter the sphere.    

High Tier:Create a larger Light sphere for a longer duration that grant buffs to allies who enter the sphere: Strong stamina regen effect, Clear ALL debilitation and grant a slightly longer Impervious effect ( nullify all debilitation) + Repel effect ( push away enemies that stay near those who have this buff, the force and radius is limited for balance purpose, it'll be less effective against stronger/larger monster). Note: Not everyone want to push monster away ( example melee classes, choose how you want to use it).    

Obviously pawn's AI wasn't made to make use of this spell this way so they'll only use the spell when allies are infected with Stats Lowered Debils or Petrification so its best for a SORC PLAYER.    

Note: Repel is consider a hostile action by npc, using it in town will result in getting jailed.
The actual buff granting aoe is smaller than the visual effect, its better to walk through the center of the spell for buffs. There is a bit of effect from Holy furor that darken the screen for the duration of the spell, its slightly annoying but cant be remove.

   A demonstration video, note that this mod doesnt include fast casting mod  

Notes: come with my previous Maelstrom's Dark effect removal mod and Frigor EX mod. Detail:

Feel free to leave any feedback in comment, but I may or may not be able to Fix/change the mod.    

  1. Make a backup of your wan.arc file ( in DDDA\nativePC\rom\wp\w1 ) and stk27.arc (in DDDA\nativePC\rom\sk\s1\ ) as
  2. obviously it will overwrite if you have any other mod that change these files such as magic mods .
  3. Download extract and replace wan.arc (in DDDA\nativePC\rom\wp\w1) and stk27.arc (in DDDA\nativePC\rom\sk\s1\ ).   

Credit :
Thanks to FluffyQuack for the Arctool.    
Thanks to other people who made Magic's mod here.