Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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This is more-good-begin than begin-from-scratch.

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Mine is version for PC, not PS.
And, i do not know the patches.
My mod may make problem at you.


Arisen in its house (last level, strong).
Main pawn (last level, strong).
Side pawns (last level, strong).
Gold (much to buy item, and so forth).
Rift (much to buy pawn, and so forth).
Most of items in storage (much in each).
Awaken of creatures (in deep of island).
Unlock of doors (main ones in island).
Man of forge (in entry of island).
Item of edit in menu (for characters).
Flower of Quina (to cure and heal a group).
Key of skeleton (to unlock doors of cells).
Lantern (for darks and shades).
Oil (as fuel to lantern).
Eternal ferry (to travel fast in world).
Port in inventory (to put to ground).
Port in continent (in places of main quests).
Reveal of map (all shapes, some names).
Ring of desiccation (to dry lantern).
Stone of rift in bay (to go to boss).
Stone of lift (to return fast in island).
Stone of wake (to wake self and other).
Quest of tutor done (to reach to world).
Quest of inn done (to clean its menu).
Quest of pawn done (to unlock rift).
Quest of camp done (to unlock ferry).


Step 1:
From the site, take the file of my mod.
Then take the file of the tool of save.
(i not wrote link, permission may need)
Keep them in folder, copy them to desktop.

Step 2:
To create file of save, open the game.
Between some menus, arrive till options.
Close the game, open the Command Prompt.
(it is exist in menu of start of system)
Enter "dir c:\ddda.sav /s", learn folder.
Open the original folder of file of save.
Keep the folder, close the Command Prompt.
Rename the file as "old.sav", copy to desktop.

Step 3:
Drag then drop the file of save to tool.
(of course, you must do this in desktop)
It creates file of text, open with wordpad.
Scroll to last line, copy the identifier.
Keep the clipboard, then close the wordpad.

Step 4:
Drag then drop the file of mine to tool.
It creates file of text, open with wordpad.
Scroll to last line, paste the identifier.
(of course, before, you must delete the 0)
Save the file, then close the wordpad.
Delete the file of mine, that outdated.

Step 5:
Drag then drop the file of text to tool.
At this time, it creates the file of save.
Copy then paste the file of save to folder.
Delete the files, that happened in desktop.
Run the game, in menu, select the load.


Step 1:
If file of save did not work, you can undo.
To do this, as precaution, close the game.

Step 2:
Open the original folder of file of save.
Delete the file of save, that is "ddda.sav".
Rename the "old.sav" as "ddda.sav", done.


You not need to copy the here to a file.
Already here and its more is in the file.