Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

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The first of many weapons to be made in my first attempt at making my own textures rather than just upscaling. Read the Description for more info! Update: Added more weapons, and I've also added screenshots of projects not yet released!

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To Install, go to the rom files, then go to wp, then go to w0, then paste my mod files in. Then you're all set!

This mod aims to improve the appearance of some of the swords in Dragon's Dogma. In my Remastering Dragon's Dogma Project, I've been going through and improving textures. In this project, I have come across a few things that look worse when upscaled, and the sword that started this mod is one of them; the Iron Sword. It's not a very high level weapon by any means, but I always thought it was a simple and good looking weapon. So, I took a real sword that I own, and after struggling for about a week to get the right angle, lighting, and learning more about GIMP tools and how to take pictures without having a reflection in them, I managed to pull off a pretty good Steel sword texture.

I've added some more weapons! We now have the Iron sword, the Broadsword, the Trusty Sword, the Two-Hander, and the Steel Greatsword.

I've also added some pictures of another little project I've been working on: Death's Scythe. If enough people like it, I might just post the file! I'm also open to feedback on it, as I want it to look as awesome as possible. While Death's original scythe looked pretty cool, when working with the texture I noticed it kind of looks like a worn piece of iron. I thought it would be cool to make it more polished, slick, and sharp in appearance. Something that actually looks like it'll cut through diamonds and cleave straight through your soul. I think I've made some progress.

A screenshot of the guard armor has also been added for review. It's definitely still a work in progress, but I think it's coming along nicely.