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August 13th 2022 Update: Fixed an issue with the main 4k Gran Soren files, I had forgotten the "stage" folder in the folder tree. It now has the correct installation path. Sorry about that!

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I've finally uploaded a 4k version of the upscales. There is more done than before, and the textures have been scaled from 6144x6144 to 4096x4096. I also have a couple hand made things done. The wavy grass has been drawn in HD. I had some help from an artist named Nancy Perrin. It's still a WIP because it came out a bit more stylized/cartoonish than I wanted them to be, but they're still a nice change of pace from the low res originals.

Additionally, I made a change to the Gran Soren Union Inn beds. Almost without exception, I try to stay as faithful as possible to the original textures for the game, but I always thought it was a bit strange that the Inn here costs 10 times as much gold as the hotel in Cassardis, but the beds are almost exactly the same. As such, I made the bed frame out of a much nicer and more vibrantly colored wood, and changed out the hay for something more resembling a mattress. I made the same white material for the pillow, colored the blanket blue, and painted the Gran Soren symbol onto the blanket, the same that is on a tapestry on the wall in the Inn. Still a work in progress, but I think it looks nice and wanted to share it in this update.

On another note, I've been considering adding a lot more to this Sneak Peek page, might want to keep an eye on it for the near future...

To install manually, go to your main DDDA folder, and then nativePC\rom\stage\stage200, and drop the stage220.arc in. I've created a folder tree so you can also just drop the nativePC folder from my mod into your DDDA folder, or use a mod manager.