Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

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July 15th, 2022 Update: Per a few user requests, I've done my best to recreate the Easy Clothing ID mod with my HD Icons. These files are also available on my Cleaner Female Body Texture page, since I merged the HD icons into my latest skin texture release.

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August 16th 2020 Update:
I uploaded these textures a long time ago, before I had even the slightest idea what I was doing. I finally got around to fixing the shimmering issue with the textures. Turns out I just forgot mipmaps. I haven't completely redone these, I just added mipmaps. I will end up completely redoing most of the reposted textures here. Aside from fixing the old upscaled textures, I've included 2 new ones, as this mod page is kind of my catch all for miscellaneous stuff. I've included a new design for the Bastard Sword, as well as the Criteria Daggers in HD.  

Hello everyone! I wanted to post this just to give people a little taste of what I've been working with. This mod will eventually be replaced by the full version, which I plan to call Dragon's Dogma Remastered. Basically, I'm running each and every texture I can find through an upscaling program that improves the image quality. I then, if I deem it necessary, will clean up the textures in GIMP further. On some of the images I will post on this mod, you will see a cracking effect, I'm not quite sure how else to explain it. On some things, it's not too bad or it actually looks cool and adds something cool to the object in game. On some things, I feel like it's a bit over the top and I attempt to clean it up, you will see what I'm talking about on the Adventurer's Cloak and the Paladin's Mantle. I haven't cleaned the Paladin's Mantle yet so that I can show the differences. Equipment is not the only thing I'm working on, I'm working on every texture in the entire game.

Now, for those of you asking why I don't hand craft the textures, it's because for the most part, I don't know how. There are a few things I intend to find better textures entirely for, such as the bundle of purple circles that are Grandgrapes (lol). But, another reason I'm using an upscaling program rather than handmaking the textures is that I really love the aesthetics of Dragon's Dogma, so I'm doing my best to stay true to the original art style as much as I can.

Unlike some of my other mods where the use of ArcTool was required, I will be posting these mods already packaged up in their files, so all you'll have to do is drop them in their respective game files, which I will label on the mods themselves.

For those who have made equipment mods or are going to
I am 100% okay with you taking textures from my mod when it's done and uploading HD versions of your mods on your originals. I myself have a few, the Knight armor for males and Females being my favorites. I think my project will be a good way to revitalize and renew both the player and modder community a bit.