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completely replaces the set worn by Savan at the start of the game

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Set of Brother-Knight's Armour is a complete overhaul of the set worn by Savan at the start of the game, for both male and female characters;
a composite reimagination in the image of early 16th century fashion and military dress as it may have been worn by a brother-knight of the militant Order of Saint John.

This mod changes the following items:
  • Crimson Armet
  • Divine Surcoat
  • Brigandine Jerkin
  • Shadow Gauntlets
  • Shadow Greaves
  • Tattered Mantle
May be equipped by Fighters, Warriors, and Mystic Knights¹

Install by merging the nativePC folder contained in the .zip with the one found in your game directory (~\Steam\steamapps\common\DDDA)
Made using HXD, DDDA Tool and Photoshop²:

¹dinput8.dll hooks can be used to disable vocation-specific equipment restrictions
²requires the use of third party plug-ins such as NVIDIA Texture Tools and/or Intel Texture Works

If you find the time, please check out this amazing guide, over on Steam. It's there I first got interested in modding Dragon's Dogma.

Thank you.