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Resonant ENB
for Dragon's Dogma
Now updated to version 1.6!

What's this?
This is an ENBseries preset meant to make the game look shinier.
It adds in filmic tonemapping and high quality ambient occlusion, as well as subtle bloom and lens effects.
In addition, it provides dithering that fixes some of the terrible banding issues on dark objects.  
Dragon's Dogma is one of my favourite games. I think the game by default has a nice enough visual style, but it's nice to change things up once in a while. 

As a bonus, you can disable the other features of this ENB and use only the dithering.
A seperate file has been provided for that in the Optional Files section. 

Download and copy in d3d9.dll from the ENBseries package for Dragon's Dogma available on the ENBseries website.
Copy the contents of this archive into your game's folder alongside the DLL from the WrapperVersion folder.
Make sure HDR in-game is set to High or ENBseries will not work.
Disable depth of field in the game options if you don't want distance blur.

On Performance:

I get a solid 60 FPS with all options turned on at 2560x1440.
At 3840x2160, though, performance is a bit wobblier.

This will make many dark areas darker. Remember to keep the lantern dry.
You can disable the lens effect by disabling EnableLens in the in-game configurator, or enbseries.ini.
Make sure to copy over the enbseries folder, or some effects will appear incorrectly.
Make sure that only one copy of each .fx file is present between the enbseries and base directory.

(From previous versions)


1.6: Dithering has been overhauled to use a new method that will stop it from looking like weird film grain. Bloom is now less intense and more diffused using a new method. Cloudy weather no longer gets really blue at night. The FPS limiter no longer limits FPS to 50. (Oops!) Skylighting has been adjusted. Daytime brightness has been adjusted. Nighttime brightness has also been adjusted. And finally, interior brightness has been adjusted.
1.5: New eye adaptation and exposure control. Revamped tonemapping; now with less "extreme" brightness, and smoother darkness. More realistic, less-bloomy bloom.
1.4.1: Replaced the default high-quality depth of field shader provided by ENBseries with a much faster one more suitable for use in general gameplay. 
1.4: Added support for ENBseries's replacement of the game's depth of field shader, which will replace the ugly "bloom" when depth of field is enabled with a smooth camera-like effect. Added new adaptation support to fix areas appearing overly bright. Added support for ENBseries's weather based ambient lighting adjustment, which provides more realistic lighting and shadowing.
1.3: Added support for ENBseries's skylighting, a graphical technique that makes shadows more realistic, albeit darker.