Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

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Invisible Magick Shields for the average Spellsword.

Permissions and credits
Changes the Textures and Models of all Magick shields to appear invisible.
Yes. Appear invisible. I crack myself up sometimes.

1. Backup your stuff
2. Download & Unpack the folder
3. Drop the contents into Steam\steamapps\common\DDDA\nativePC\rom\wp\w2

  • bld000.arc - Wooden Wall
  • bld001.arc - Magick Buckler
  • bld002.arc - Fine Magick Buckler
  • bld003.arc - Lustrous Greatshield
  • bld004.arc - Blue Kite Shield
  • bld005.arc - Wizard's Vizard
  • bld006.arc - Knight's Honor
  • bld007.arc - Angel's Sanctum
  • bld008.arc - Dark Buckler + Purged Buckler
  • bld009.arc - Dragon's Faith
  • bld012.arc - Zombiebane
  • bld013.arc - Brilliance
  • bld020.arc - Rusted Magick Shield
  • bld030.arc - Diabolic Shield

Thanks to who ever made this Directory

Always keep your stuff backed up just in case.
But, hopefully this is bug free so I don't have to keep managing it.

Special thanks too:
vashtheazn for making: Mystic Knight Shieldskill Tweaks this mod gave me a bunch of ideas for Spellsword & Magick Archery Builds + Mods.
BakedCookie for making: Quiver begone It is thanks to this mod that I was able to figure out a viable way to make gear invisible. FINALLY!
Jaryn123 for making: dinput8.dll hooks this mod is just pure gold
lukasz1091 for making: Ultimate start save which helped speed up testing, and getting dank images to showcase it.

Want to thank me? Endorse/Thank/Donate to those guys instead. They are baus.