Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

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A collection of modified armor and clothing, usually in a less covering way.

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This is a collection of modifications to the game's armors and clothes. The base aim is giving a better look (according to my tastes) to some not-so-stylish outfits, or cut some excessively covering armors which end up hiding the whole character. Though these are not nude or skimpy mods, they undoubtedly show more than vanilla ones.
I already released many of them as separate files, but probably I didn't expect to make so many. To avoid further dispersion I will keep this page for my future uploads, so remember to check for updates.

I'm aware that some of the outfits I'm modifying have been or will be modded by others too. That's great: the more variety, the better. It's up to you to choose and use the ones you like the most. I'm using several retextures from fellow modders in my game.
All my mods are built from scratch and I'm in no way reusing material uploaded by others.

If you like my work, please endorse, post comments, and upload images.

Body Armors
> NEW! Ancient Robe (F)
Removed the skirt.

> Bronze Lorica
Removed the bottom part entirely.

> NEW! Chaos Armor (F)
Removed the skirt, removed the clipping canteen from the belt.

> Healer's Robe (F)
Asymmetrically cut the skirt, trying to improve on the vanilla tattered look.

> Hide Armor (F)
Removed most of the skirt and the satchel.

> Leather Waistwrap (F)
Realigned and shortened the skirt's stripes, some more than others.

> NEW! Monomi Coat (F)
Given it a jacket look with holes on front and back, removed the clipping canteen from the belt.

> NEW! Robe of Enlightenment (F,M)
Shortened the skirt. Male version is BETA, please confirm it works without problems.

Body Clothing
> Forest Tunic (F)
Shortened the skirt and reworked the edge to recall the outline of leaves. Added two vertical see-through ivy decorations on the front.

> Riveted Coat (F)
Shortened the front part, super-shortened the back, and fixed some black spots on the chest.

> Tunic (F)
Shortened the skirt, added a somewhat tattered look on the bottom edge.

Leg Armors
> Chainmail Skirt (F)
Made it more like a miniskirt. The boots are untouched.

> Feather Cape (F,M)
Split it to recall the idea of a pair of wings, preserving the original tattered look. Clipping gone.

> Knight's Mantle (F)
Reduced the front part, split the back, shortened the sleeves, removed the fringes. Clipping around the breast area gone.

> Wyrm Hunt Mantle (F,M)
Removed the long cloak, edited cape texture so that it doesn't cut too abruptly

My other mods (I'll move them over here given time)
Shorter Magician's Surcoat
Shorter Scholar's Cape
Shorter Scholar's Coat
Shorter Solar Armor
Shorter Surcoat

Q. Will you remake all the armor/clothing?
A. Absolutely not. I'm happy with the vanilla version of many items, and others have already been reworked in a lovely way by others.

Q. No love for male characters?
A. I like to use female avatars in my game, so I'm obviously working on something I can test and use. Some of my mods already have a male version, others could get it in future. Many will stay female only simply because I think the look doesn't fit male characters well.

Q. Will you make an all-in-one archive?
A. At some point I could, but for now I don't have the time to update a big archive whenever I release a new outfit.

Credits and Thanks
Thanks to Capcom for a great game and the base textures
Thanks to the guys who made Arctool