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A small but significant graphic overhaul that gives the game a more natural feel without changing the originally intended aesthetics

very performance-friendly too

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An all natural preset with small changes but great differences,a small but significant graphic overhaul that gives the game a more natural feel without changing the originally intended  aesthetics

What it does:

No overly saturated or desaturated colors which make the sunrise appear like the apocalypse is coming or someone stole the colors

No crushed blacks midday or in general

No radioactive sky or people a la vanilla oblivion with hdr on

No fancy filtering

Also with custom sharpening that makes the textures look less ''washed out'' but not so much that your eyes bleed

And custom Anti-Aliasing that AA-es better than the ingame option, bit with less performance cost (1-2fps max)

also made the darker area and night a just a bit more brighter, since shadows at midday cannot be that dark in reality 

just all natural like outside

How to use:

Paste the files (inside the archive) into ''...\Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen\'' and start your game

Also for the best possible effect disable ingame sharpening and AA, and also activate ingame bloom

thats it!

also further modifications can be done through the ''SweetFX_settings.txt'' file found in ''...\Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen\SweetFX''


This mod should work flawlessly on freshly intallled (und a up-to-date version) folder but if you have any trouble after experimenting with other graphic enhancements mods try this:

Make sure you don't have some other custom .dlls from other graphic enhancement mods (for example ''d3d11.dll'' or ''d3d9.dll'' or something like that)

Second look out if you have some other files with the ending ''.fx'' that might caused you also some trouble

make sure to get rid of those files first and try adding my preset again

as always make sure your drivers up-to-date


Uninstalling is pretty easy you just delete the same exact files you added (meaning the ones inside the archive file)


I used used the ''reshade +sweetfx'' to create my own style with it . 

Also mod it, distribute it as much as you want, you don't need to credit me, It's all in the name of the community after all!

And happy playing!