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Even in numbers a weakling is a weakling still!

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The overall look of this preset will change over time as more features are added to the enb .dll

I also tend to update the files on here quite a bit, usually fixing errors or performance between the big .dll updates. 

As it's one long process of tinkering and twiddling with my only goal being to make the game look as good as I can (for me) while retaining decent frame rates (also mostly for me) I tend not to save old versions. If you like a specific version then you save it and keep hold of it. The chances are the following days/weeks this preset will different and I won't have a back up copy for you to revert back to.  


Download the file from here:- 

Clicky this linky

Unzip and open the wrapper folder and copy the d3d9.dll file into your DDDA game folder (the one with the DDDA.exe file) . 

Choose which version of my ENB preset you wish to instal, either the full version or the "lite" version, then copy the contents of your chosen folder into the same folder which has the DDDA.exe and you've dragged the d3d9.dll file in. 

Like this:

If everything has worked then you'll get some extra text in the top left corner when you start the game.


Turn HDR to HIGH

Turn AA to OFF

If you install the full version and then decide to go for the lite version, or you just don't like sharpening and film grain, then you will have to manually delete a file called effect.txt 

Recommended mods which work well with this ENB: 

Don't Blind Me (latest oct '17 doesn't need this to work correctly)