Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

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Update 15/02/2016:
Edited Braided Shirt + Gryphic gauntlets will add image + video
Update 13/02/2016
added another helmet/gloves/cloack  // updated body torso and shirt installation see in the file update there is a tuto.txt
added image of how it looks in game:

for some reasons when i upload a new image it is not working =/


-make a copy of your m_a_helm3101.arc (game exe location\NativePC\rom\eq\a_helm\m)
-extract to game exe location\NativePC\rom\eq\a_helm\m
This will Replace the Direwolf Veil for male

-make a copy of your two002.arc located at :
game.exe location\nativePC\rom\wp\w0
-Extract downloaded file to:
game.exe location\nativePC\rom\wp\w0
This will Replace the LifeTaker Sword for Male

-make a copy of your m_a_leg6000 located at :
game.exe location\nativePC\rom\eq\a_leg\m
-extract downloaded file to:
game.exe location\nativePC\rom\eq\a_leg\m
This will Replace the Betrayer's Greaves for Male

Torso Armor:
make a copy of your m_a_body6000.arc located at :
game.exe location\nativePC\rom\eq\a_body\m
extract downloaded file to:
game.exe location\nativePC\rom\eq\a_body\m
This will Replace the Traitor's Armor for Male

make a copy of your m_a_arm1205.arc located at :
game.exe location\nativePC\rom\eq\a_arm\m
extract downloaded file to:
game.exe location\nativePC\rom\eq\a_arm\m
this will replace the Emissary Bracers

make a copy of your m_w_body0404.arc located at :
game.exe location\nativePC\rom\eq\w_body\m
extract downloaded file to:
-this will replace the light ouftit

i'm a newbie at modding so if you can improve it etc feel free to do so i will upload the psd file too

Credits goes to the nexus site /creator of the arc extractor/repacker / Rizaun who helped me on the forum /creator of the base image found on google

if you want to use it without class restriction there is a cheat engine table here:


in Cielos Table you can enable the "Ignore Equipment Vocation Restriction" so you can use it without restrictions

added Body torso /legs /sword as requested i will try to remake the body torso when i can (Thanks to Rizaun who helped me with the sword)