Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

About this mod

Seraph FX: Brighter Days, Darker Nights, Clearer Vision. A gentle touch of bloom, vibrance and saturation. Zero light banding and no sharpening artifacts.

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Seraph FX
MOD Enhancements & benefits:

  • Brighter Days, Darker Nights, Clearer Vision.
  • A gentle touch of bloom, vibrance and saturation.
  • Sharp and crystal clear.
  • Immersive and lively.
  • Crisp, intensified and embellished textures.
  • Accurate HUD and menu colors.
  • Not warm, not cold - just right.

Nighttime Upgrade:
  • Zero light banding.
  • No sharpening artifacts.
  • No white edges on flora at night.
  • Glowing gleaming stars at night.
  • Intense fires and distant lights.
  • Empowered ambiance. Deeper, clearer nights with magnified sense of space and scale.

Daytime Upgrade:
  • Clearly visible, shiny and glorious sun.
  • No de-saturation of the sky due to bloom.
  • Beautiful blue sky and dreamy clouds.
  • Vivid vibrant colors.
  • Higher enriched detail on rocks, cliffs, ground, plants, clothing, hair and other objects.
  • Soft Bloom that doesn't obscure texture detail.
  • Farther LOD and amplified clarity for longer distances.
  • Emphasized horizon line.
  • Dramatic weather and atmosphere. Overcast days are grey and moody, clear days are bright and sunny. 

Quick & Simple Installation:

  • Download "Seraph FX" from the "Files" TAB.
  • Extract the contents of the "Seraph FX" folder into your root DDDA folder (located in Steamapps>common).
  • That's it! You are all set!
  • Use 'Scroll Lock' to toggle the effect! 

Have fun!
Folder Contents: SweetFX folder ; d3d9.dll ; ReShade.fx ; Sweet.fx


Extra Gallery & Effect Comparisons (SweetFX ON/OFF) Click Here!
Original Preset Release: https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/5107/

Recommended Settings:

Graphic Settings: Everything at Highest Quality Levels.
Brightness: 8-10 (Try 4-6 on bright PC-monitors).  
[NOTE: I use 10 on my TV, 4-5 on my Monitor. It's going to be dark, it's meant to be dark with rich black tones!
So be sure to adjust your in-game brightness and/or calibrate your monitor/TV if necessary]

FOV: Mine is +6 

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This mod uses: SweetFX 2.0 (Preview 8 | ReShade 1.1.0)

Optional / Advanced Reading: TV / Monitor Calibration Tips:
Honestly image quality and color fidelity are especially individual and subject to change. They are affected by your TV/Monitor, youר preferred brightness/contrast/color settings, your desktop settings and even the room lighting. 
Still, I have provided this comprehensive guide based on my experience:

(Based on my Samsung LED TV. Though not entirely universal, this may yet offer basic guidelines for non-Samsung users:

Basic Settings: Standard ; Backlight 12 ; Contrast 100 ; Color 88 ; Brightness 45 ; Sharpness 55.
Advanced Settings: Black Tone DARKEST (important!). Shadow Detail -2. dynamic contrast Off. 
Picture Options: HDMI Levels LOW ; Color Tone Standard.

DISABLE all image processing and proliferation - this means OFF on all the following: edge enhancement, motion lightning, motion plus, noise reduction, mpeg reduction, power saving stuff- SET THEM ALL TO OFF.

PC Monitor Setup:
PC Monitors tend to be brighter with less options, please try:
4-6 in-game brightness if its too bright or if you still experience banding (layers of light colors in the sky).

Nvidia Control Panel - Adjust Desktop Color Settings - DIGITAL VIBRANCE*: +75% !!!! -- I warmly recommend this for both gaming and browsing on PC-Monitors! Use it on every game!
*However I don't use it on my TV! Since TV's have high color control, making it an unnecessary overkill (it's optional).